Reviews & Ratings of Rifle Scope Brands


Dreaming about having cash and time of testing every rifle scope to select the most authentic is okay. But you can only do this until you find the perfect one or two or plenty of them. You don’t have to worry when your shooting hub has gotten sick of you, or your friends’ inventory is far much better than you. We are sure our review of the best rifle scopes brands will impress you and help you to make a better choice for your rifleman.To come up with a comprehensive and realistic review, we have put across several significant points such as affordability, budget, reliability, durability, and adaptability. Read on to find rifle scope brands list.

rifle scope brands


Table of content: Reviews and Ratings of rifle scope brands

  1. Vortex Optics Diamondback– Best for overall qualities
  2. Leupold Mark 5HD– Best for tactical support
  3. Nikon Buckmasters II– Best for value preference
  4. Vortex viper– Best for long-range
  5. Leupold VX Compact Duplex– Best for affordability
  6. Nikon 6729 Prostaff– Best for deer hunting
  7. NightForce SHV Standard Duplex– Best for smooth focusing

Best Rifle Scope Brands Review

Vortex Optics Diamondback HP Dead hold BDC

Are you looking for rifle scope with all the qualities under one shell? Vortex Optics Diamondback Dead hold BDC is perfect for you. Not only does it top our list with superb conditions, but it also boasts one of the best rifle scope manufacturers from around the globe.

The rifle optic has become a significant player among the brands over the past decades. The quality and glass clarity of the lens is fantastic. Vortex Optics delivers distinct models at a very affordable budget, which is the most significant reason why Vortex sits as the King for rifle scope brands.

The Vortex comes with incredibly clear glass for super quality images for long-range and without blurriness. That makes the optics perfect for both small scale and large scale hunters. Also, the design is favorable for individuals who love archery for competition shooting. You can engage several targets at the same time at varied ranges.

Besides, the optic offers you some standard adjustments with an added advantage of super adjustable parallax. Such a feature is a good perk for the Vortex price range. Though the multi-coating does give the lens a green hue, the glass is thick, very durable, and hard to notice. To conclude, Vortex is a mix of both value and power high beyond other brands.

Leupold Mark 5HD

The reputation of Leupold goes beyond this planet. Who doesn’t recognize their efforts and determination to come up with rifles scope brands unique from their counterparts? It is an American brand having deep roots in the scope industry for decades and by far leading in terms of the enormous consumer base.

Their engineers are professional experts and master scientist with vast experience in the industry to deliver some of the world’s most memorable popular optics ever to be. Leupold Mark 5HD comes second in our list due to its reasonable price and super features.

Leupold took the time to research, develop, and test the model so that it could be ideal as a hunter’s rifle scope. The premium and high-end wire-etched reticles are features you need to embrace since they are hard to find from other brands. Besides, the exceptional clarity glass lens makes the whole scope invincible.

Leupold combines both excellence and super performance to reward you with an incredible supermodel. The durability of Leupold Mark 5HD is beyond rational explanation. Can we say the optics are almost out of this universe?

Nikon Buckmasters II

Nikon designers are renowned specialists for coming up with high-performance optics for use with subsonic rounds such as Blackout rifle without having to get another optic. Beings one of the best steady top rifles scope brands in the market, the manufacturer claims the lens of this beast optics can transmit up to 99% of the light the shooter’s eyes.

Is that too much from the optics lens? When you look at the build-up of the whole system, the idea ringing in your mind will be, “They might be right.”  Explaining the Nikon standards for high-end rounds can only be done practically, not theatrically. That makes the rifle scope an excellent choice for short-range shooters.

The magnification of the optics is versatile and more than real precision shooting at more yards. Combining such features, you will come up with an even shot without any need to crank up the magnification. Besides, the scope is ideal for competition shooters who value speed in their shooting game.

Also, it can go well with varmint hunters who want quick results for their money. To sum up, Nikon Buckmaster II is the best choice for value and preference.

Vortex Optics Viper HS

If you are a fan of Vortex products, you have a reason to be loyal. Vortex Optics are one of the best on the planet, offering both reliability and convenience. The optics brand has set an example for other optics to follow. It is a high-end rifle scope with a supermodel design.

The American brand comes with glass to compete favorably even with the best models and the Leupold offering both clarity and distance. Vortex Optics Viper HS is run by authentic life hunters who have a clear understanding of their stuff.

There is no better way than providing customers with optics supporting long-distance, hair-splitting, and accurate shots. That is why Vortex has the legacy of quality offers in the first place. Such quality is not only for market purposes but for the field as well.

The astonishing illumination of Vortex reticles, the potent intuitive ballistic turrets, and the easy usability is the critical focus for creating such a beautiful model. The ability to support long-range focus is the selling focal point of the scope.

Leupold VX Compact Duplex

One of the objectives of the Leupold manufacturing company is to offer quality products at an affordable price. The Leupold VX Compact Duplex is a model that combines both clarity and compactness to provide you with super scopes with no possible adversary. The latter is set as an all-weather performance optics to serve you well on any outdoor trip.

You can check out the price of another Leupold VX Compact Duplex in here.

Being the oldest and most reputed Cope manufacturers in the world, Leupold has become the favorite model of the military for decades. How the scope transmits light with an illumination full of zeal is yet to be understood by the competing manufacturers. That makes the model very useful in low contrast environments and low light conditions.

Also, the scope is among the most splendid optics in the world, boasting a proprietary Diamond Coat noticeable even by Myopia individuals. You can buy the rifle scope because of affordability, but as well remember the value is far much than the price.

Nikon 6729 Prostaff

No one in their right mind can debate on whether or not Nikon provides excellent optics. Nikon 6729 Prostaff is a supermodel optic among the series that offer an attractive blend of value and performance. The scope is built with quality to compete favorably with other supermodels.

Prostaff offers transparent lens systems that transmit more than 98% of the collected light to the shooter’s eye. The lens is very excellent for the low light environment since the clarity is beyond what the eye can offer. Moreover, the reticle of the optics features quick range estimation to take frequent shots with less time. 

Prostaff offers image magnification and an ability to focus on long-range shots without any degrading performance. All these features make the scope versatile with any type of rifle. That is why the optics are the best when it comes to deer hunting.

Nightforce SHV Standard Duplex

Nightforce SHV Standard Duplex is a boutique scope model . It offers top-line performance with a combination of quality and reliability. This brand is well known for its ability to sustain long-range shots. Also, the model is famous for its glass clarity making the images sharp, bright, and full magnification.

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Moreover, there is no exaggeration at the edges of the lines. They are authentic with a spontaneous inspiration of beauty. For the enthusiasts, Nightforce SHV combines both speed and accuracy to offer you the best chance of winning the game.  

The scope comes with a large selection of reticles, both illuminated and non-illuminated. Most interesting, the variations of the reticles are of a standard duplex.


Considering the above mentioned rifle scope brands, choosing the perfect rifle scope brand for you should not be a problem for you anymore. To select your model, you need first to consider your shooting context. That is because some rifle scope is only for certain specialties. The goal of adding range to your rifle should be to enhance the characteristics of the specialization of your optic. So, the work of evaluation and purchasing lies squarely on your shoulders. The setup of all the above rifle optics is very effortless. Besides, all the brands come from recognizable manufacturers trusted to provide quality and high-performance rifles. So what brand of scope suits your taste? Analyze the ratings and answer the rhetorical query.

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