How to Use a Rifle Scope like A Professional


Never underestimate the power of a good scope. If you ask me how to use a rifle scope work? well, in my opinion, rifle scopes are supposed to increase your shooting accuracy whether you are hunting or shooting at a bull’s eye. They generally enhance the level of accuracy of every shot you take at your target. However, if you do not know how to use it properly, such a high level of accuracy might not be achieved after all. Like any other gadget, using a rifle scope require some level of experience or skills for optimal performance of the scope to be achieved. As much as an excellent quality scope is needed for an accurate shot to be made, how you use it also matter a lot.

how to use a rifle scope

Here is how to use a rifle scope, in other words, how to adjust a rifle scope like a professional

Magnification Power

You can choose a scope based on magnification power. It is an essential aspect of scope, usually uttered in two numbers such as 4×32. The figures represent how well the scope can magnify your target and increase both precision and the quality of the image. A professional should know the amount of magnification power that would be perfect for the kind of shooting task at hand.

Fog Proof or Waterproof

The quality of rifle scope you choose based on resistance to water or fog, among other factors may make all the difference in accurate shots with your rifle. Real hunting enthusiasts often look for those rifle Scopes that are closed with O-rings, and that boasts waterproof safeguard.

These qualities often make scopes suitable for use even in the rain, fog or even in swampy places. Some scopes are often designed or packed with nitrogen, which makes them dependable in every climate. As an expert, choosing a scope that would survive extreme environments would be a great place to start winning both as a shooter and as a hunter.

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Set It Up

It is very important to learn in regard to how rifle scope adjustments work because if you know your rifle properly and adjust it perfectly you will definitely enjoy shooting. Before you begin to shoot, it is important to set up your scope appropriately. How well you accomplish this task will greatly determine your level of success in a shooting game or on a hunting ground. Viewing your target through a well set up scope will help you see the bull’s eye more clearly besides increasing to a greater extent the level of accuracy. Besides, doing it right will help you understand how to use a scope for long range shooting too.

When setting it up, you should begin by adjusting the reticle and eye relief. The cross-hairs, dot, or any other aiming device in the scope is what is known as the reticle. You have to position it well inside the scope for better functioning. You can achieve this by loosening the mounting rings first then turning the scope until your article is in an upright and centered position. You should be able to see the reticle in a normal firing position. That is when you know you have adjusted it right. Confirm if the placing is right and tighten the rings just tight enough to hold the setting in position.

Eye Relief

The eye relief essentially lets you view into the rifle scope at a little distance from your viewing eye. It normally ranges from 3 to 6 inches. The control knob can be at the end of the scope, depending on the type of scope and can be adjusted by turning it on either side.

However, in most scopes, the eye relief is adjusted by moving the whole scope back and forth through its mounting rings until you achieve your most preferred eye relief. Make sure you tighten the mounting ring firmly when you are through with the basic set up. Achieving the right set up will boost your ability as a shooter or as a hunter.

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Parallax Adjustment

If your rifle scope provides for parallax adjustment, modify it according to the distance of the target. Most scopes allow shooters to position their reticles on the same distance plain as their targets. It is every shooter or hunter’s desire to hit the center of the target or get an accurate shot. To increase your chances of achieving this goal with every shot, you need to know how to adjust parallax.

Various parallaxes have on them distance calibrations that can guide you. However, do not trust them completely since some may be inaccurate. Based on your eye relief and the distance to the target, parallax changes slightly. Adjusting them to accuracy is not an easy task, especially if you are new to shooting. You may need some time to get used to doing it the right way.

You should not fire your rifle before you obtain the perfect sight picture of the target. As you view through the scope looking at your target, and with the reticle upright and centered, you are supposed to get a clear and crisp picture of the target.

Likewise, if there is black on any side of the picture, it is supposed to be symmetrical. If the picture has the qualities mentioned above, then it qualifies to be regarded as the perfect picture, which is what you need to make a more accurate judgment about your target.

The Basics of Sighting

In order to become a skilled hunter or shooter you must master on how to sight in a rifle scope. As you sight in your target through the scope, and before you make that vital shot. There is a high chance that you will make several adjustments before you find the perfect sighting or picture of your target. To shoot like a professional, you have to sight like one first. Hitting the bull’s-eye does not just happen like a miracle. You have to put your reticle precisely on target.

If you have a few bullets to shoot spare, to shoot off the bulls-eye before you finally hit your target. You should take a few calculated shots and adjust the reticle accordingly after each missed shot until you can hit the target. If you hit too high off the target, it means you need to adjust your reticle upwards.

If you hit too low off the target, you adjust it downwards. When you make such adjustments, it helps you bring the bullet to the reticle. You know you have sighted like a professional when the height of your shot spot is the same as the height of the target as shown on the reticle.

Similarly, you should apply the same concept with windage. If you shoot off to the left of your target, it means the reticle needs to be adjusted to the left. If the shot goes to the right, adjust the reticle to the right. When adjusting the reticle, you can begin with either. You can adjust windage before elevation or vice versa. Either way, you will be in a good position to shoot like a professional.

Zero In Your Rifle

With the reticle perfectly adjusted and the shots hitting precisely at the dead center, the next step is to zero the rifle in. Zeroing in actually means setting up the rifle in a static position, usually on a rifle stand. It helps the rifle to stay in a controlled position and fixed in place so that even when you fire the rifle, it remains static.

The steadfastness of the rifle when a shot is made also contributes greatly to the level of accuracy. Therefore, a shot that is sighted in through the rifle scope should go straight to the bull’s eye. If you do all these like a professional, your shots are going to be directly on target just like they should. The more you achieve perfect shots with fewer attempts, the better off you will be.

Once you have mounted your rifle on its stand, the next step involves zeroing in the reticle onto your target like a real pro. At this stage too, you will be required to shoot a group of three bullets to check accuracy. Use the windage and elevation knobs to adjust or zero in your scope. You know you have successfully zeroed in when each shot you take consistently hits the center of your target.

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Cross-hairs in the Centre of Your Target

Adjust the scope to position the cross-hairs at the center of the target at zero distance. You will be needed to recompense for position, distance, or breeze by hovering and dropping the cross-hairs accordingly. You have to keep the midpoint always on target.

Caring For Your Scope

As an expert, you should maintain a habit of storing and maintaining the scope accordingly. The lenses are protected by covers that are placed over them. On the other hand, exposing the lenses to scratches and abrasions ruins them. Read the manual to learn more about how to take good care of your scope. Cover the lenses every time you are not using the device. You should also keep the entire scope covered with sleeves when you are not using it.

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Final Verdict

I hope the above article made you understand on how to use a rifle scope in more professional manner. With these tips, you can learn to adopt the right methods for using a rifle scope and you will be well aware about inside a rifle scope. It will help you use your rifle like an expert and even improve your accuracy and shooting skills in general. Knowing how to set up a scope, how to zero in, and how to care for it are the key to success. How well you do all this can determine if you are a professional or not. This guide can help you understand how to use a scope for long range shooting.

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