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The Ultimate List of Rabbit Hunting Gears

Introduction Rabbit hunting is a popular and exciting sport. If you want to be fast and accurate in hunting, then you have to get the right equipment. So, what should I take rabbit hunting? There are different types of night hunting gears. Your choice of rabbit hunting gear defines your results. The best equipment will […]

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How to Hunt Hogs in the Winter

Introduction Wild hogs are normally nocturnal animals. Research shows that hogs have a habit of feeding just before the break of dawn and within an hour just before sunset. During the winter season and cold periods, the weather conditions make it difficult for vegetation to germinate nor insects to migrate. During this period, hogs are […]

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12 tips on How to Stay Warm While Hunting

Introduction As much as hunting can be a fun experience sometimes it can be a very uncomfortable experience especially if the hunting will take place in cold temperatures. The market will offer you both the less expensive and most expensive gears to keep warm. You have to choose according to the financial sacrifice you want […]

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How to Clean Your Scopes Lenses

Introduction If you want your scopes to serve you longer, you need to keep them in good condition. One way how to clean your scope’s lenses so they don’t get damaged and give you a good view of the targets you want to shoot. Remember, dirty lenses affect image quality. So, learn how to clean […]

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Ultimate List of Squirrel Hunting Gears

Introduction When hunting squirrels, you might probably wonder which gear to carry and which to leave behind. It is important to ensure that you have the right squirrel hunting gears so that you can enjoy a successful hunting session. I have made this guide to provide you with a list of essential items that you […]

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Your Reasons to Winter Squirrel Hunting

Introduction Most people dismiss winter squirrel hunting due to the small size of squirrels. That’s quite unfair. There is much more to squirrels than it seems. Despite a single squirrel may not provide enough meal for a family, it is enough for one person. Squirrels are delicious if you prepare them in the right manner. […]

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