Best Rimfire Air Rifle Scope Review In 2018

Shot on target! Are the three words as a passionate shooter I love to utter. As crazy I am into hunting, what I have learned is that, however, passionate you can be, passion is not enough. You will need reliable hunting tools in the long run.

I just love the intriguing world of the unknown. The shooting experience exposes you to.I might not have had a hand on all types of Scopes, but I have come across quite many the ​best ​rimfire  ​air ​rifle ​scopes.

Some tend to live up to the shooting promise, others hit the mark, but also you can't miss lackluster ones.

What all of us want in an air rifle, is accuracy, clarity and a scope that will assist you to nail the shot, every other time.

It is prudent to consider my well explored topmost air rifle scopes; that will enable you to achieve breathtaking results.

Best Rimfire Air Rifle Scope – Comparison table



Product Dimensions

Shipment Weight


Crosman CP4032 4x32mm Rimfire Airgun and Rifle Scope

Crosman CP4032 4x32mm Rimfire Airgun and Rifle Scope

13.30 x 2.50 x 6.38 Inches

1.06 lb (+)

Tasco Rimfire 3-7x 20mm 30/30 Reticle Riflescope

Tasco Rimfire 3-7x 20mm 30/30 Reticle Riflescope

16 x 7 x 2 inches

.55 lb

BSA Sweet .22 3-9 x 40mm Rifle Scope

BSA Sweet .22 3-9 x 40mm Rifle Scope

15 x 3.5 x 3 inches

1.7 lb

Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9x40 AO Matte Precision Reticle

Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9x40 AO Matte Precision Reticle

4 x 15.5 x 3.5 inches

1.9 lb

Pinty 3-9X56 EG Red & Green Magnifier Rangefinder

13.46 x 2.95 x 2.83 inches

1.5 lb

Recommended ​Rimfire Air Rifle Scope

1. Crosman CP4032 4x32mm Rimfire Airgun and Rifle Scope

Nothing excites like an air rifle scope that centers on excellent shots, aided by awesome functionality. The Crosman CP4032 4x32mm Rimfire Airgun and Rifle Scope is one design that comes with great easy fixing and use. These are scopes that are not only dependable but also, it is durable and will deliver.

Thanks to their superb optics, they are multicoated to give the best maximum light illumination into your scope.

If it is raining on you, while you are carrying your gun, you never have to skip a heartbeat, on the thought that your air rifle scope will malfunction once in contact with water. They are waterproof. For adverse foggy weather conditions, it is fog proof to secure your optics.

All of us know the moment you take a shot, the impact that comes a long can leave you shaken. Hence, this is a one- piece scope, that takes that into account, thanks to its shockproof design, to enable you to remain more stable for the best shot.

They are the best when it comes to short range shooting. Equally, the scope can withstand the reverse recoil.


  • Have superb multicoated lenses
  • The reticle is duplex
  • Durable and quality body construction
  • Comes with a lens cover and medium profile rings


  • It is not compatible with all rifles

2. Tasco Rimfire 3-7x 20mm 30/30 Reticle Riflescope

Confidence is a smart air rifle scope can't be any better if you have the Tasco Rimfire 3-7x 20mm 30/30 Reticle Riflescope.

With quality optics, they are spectacular when it comes to HD clarity. The optics are multicoated, such that you end up having brighter and clearer images of your target. Expect more light transmission on top of this.

If you are concerned with range shots, it can handle targets from a long distance too. This is a durable body construction, made from materials that are not only reliable but also to serve you for quite a very long time.

For precision with zeal. Enjoy your shooting practice or engagements with air rifle scope for no regrets. You will also like its gloss finish.


  • Great 30/30 reticle
  • Superb optical power
  • Great for longer distance ranges
  • Solid material construction for longevity.


  • If you have a Rossi 44 magnum rifle, it might not be suitable for it.

3. BSA Sweet .22 3-9 x 40mm Rifle Scope

Keep your shots on target in style and achieve a relief of accomplishment in your shooting journey, with the BSA Sweet .22 3-9 x 40mm Rifle Scope.

For all .22 loads, you can separate your turrets and still achieve good use of this air rifle scope. The trajectory for it is great with its adjustable objectives. If you are keen of good magnifications, think of this scope's fully coated magnification, with a 40-mm objective.

We hate straining, for a clear sighting of the image, it solves this with its great field of view for up to 100 yards away, at a 3-inch eye relief. This makes this scope more comfortable to use, not only by seasoned shooters but also those training on how best to take a shot.

It is water, fog and shockproof. This implies you are safer with it if water is splashed on it and able to achieve stability when taking you best shot. For the foggy weather, never mind if the optics and lenses will be clogged up or go blur either. It also can resists recoil.

It comes in a strong body material but at the same time light in weight of only 20 oz. Get the most of its adjustable objective and a hand adjustable elevation plus a windage for the convenience of shooting.


  • Quick turret system
  • Precision multicoated lenses for reduced glare and clear shot
  • Well- built and durable
  • Versatility in use for any grain barrel
  • It has an adjustable parallax setting


  • If your target is oriented, the cross hairs might not work best for you.

4. Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9x40 AO Matte Precision Reticle

Engineering is one thing at its best when it comes to the Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9x40 AO Matte Precision Reticle.

I found this evident in its functionality, more specifically, the fully multicoated lenses, with layers designed to provide you with anti-reflective lens compounds.

This means you will get optimal brightness, contrast and still achieve superb light transmission in your air rifle scope.

As if the design hasn't catered enough, it is waterproof, fog proof and shock proof too. Implying you don't have to be concerned with wet conditions, scope stability and the foggy weather, that might make your lenses blur.

Enjoy the versatility of taking close and long ranges, without much strain. If you have a .22 LR air rifle, you got this scope to be compatible.


  • Reticle cross hairs with greater shot sighting
  • Perfect in close and long range positioning
  • A 50- yard parallax setting
  • Suitable for precise shot aim


  • Doesn't come with mount rings

5. Pinty 3-9X56 EG Red & Green Magnifier Rangefinder

Lastly, is the Pinty 3-9X56 EG Red & Green Magnifier Rangefinder. This also happens to be one scope that gets my attention.

It features a design that is not just waterproof, but also fog proof. The body construction is aluminum alloy, for longevity and versatility is your usage.

This scope, you can mount it easily on your rifle, for quick shot traction. The lenses come with protectors, for a maintained clear view. Its rangefinder reticle will electrify you, that provides you with fast but simple aiming, more suitable for those shots taken at a short distance.

Delight yourself with its 3X to 9X superb magnification, so you never have to worry of quick takes, when it comes to your best shots. The illumination provides both red and green options, for clear and bright vision, when you find yourself in those environments that have poor visibility.


  • Long lasting body construction
  • High-performance magnification
  • Quick shot traction
  • Easy mounting


  • Not appropriate for all types of rifles

How To Choose The Best Rimfire Air Rifle Scope

Getting to know how to use know what exactly you need in a scope, is a great move to perfecting your skills and practice, with a scope that never disappoints. Take into account these aspects, for the best results.


Ensure you have the ability to control your motions on your rifles, such that when you take the shot, you are not thrown off your shot. You can check the scope's nob or ring; that will enable you to achieve a great adjustable objective, on your scope.


Check whether your magnification is fixed or variable. If it is fixed. It means the magnification has a predetermined number but the variable one comes with quite some ranges.

If you want to get shots from a faraway distance, consider going for magnification with larger numbers, if you require shots a close range, take into consideration, magnification with small numbers.

Objective Size

The objective checks on the light penetrating into your scope, the bigger the size of your objective, the more the light, the smaller means less light.

Cost And Other Factors

Check off the prices of these top brands against your budget constraint, to ensure not only do you get value for your money but also lock in a high-performance scope of high quality. Your lenses should be should be refined enough to ensure that, they can withstand scratching and maintain clarity for a clear view.

Last Words

Get the most out of your rifle, dependent on your tastes and preferences. We will always go with individual requirements when it comes to acquainting ourselves with the best air rifle scopes.

Maintain, clean and store your scope well. You don't want to see a lot of dust on your lenses, next when you are out for a quick hunting escapade. You are spoilt for choice with any of these scopes, if quality and accuracy is what you count on, in your best shots.​

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