Best Scout Scope – Review from Shooting Expert

When you are outdoors for different activities like target shooting, hunting, combat games and recreational shooting, you need to have the best scout scope so that you can achieve a quicker target acquisition. Scout scopes are designed to provide you with a larger field of view so you can make very accurate shots.

Scout scopes are popular because they are highly portable making them very easy to carry around. There are so many different types of scout scopes that have been made, and this is why I want to enlighten you on how to pick the best to suit your shooting needs.

The top scout scopes should not only provide you with an exceptional performance but also friendly to your pocket. It should also provide you with a high level of accuracy especially if you are a long distance shooter. I have given you detailed reviews of top 10 most popular scout scopes that will be perfect for beginner and professional shooters. 

Best Scout Scope – Comparison table

Recommended Best Scout Scopes 

If you are looking for quality and reliable scout scopes, read my reviews of the best scopes that pro hunters and shooters appreciate. Whether you are choosing a scout scope for hunting, combat or recreational shooting, I'm sure you will end up with one after going through the reviews. 

1. Aim Sports Long Eye Relief 30MM SCOUT SCOPE

best scout scope

The Aim Sports 2-7x42 8.5-10.5" is designed to provide you with an easy target acquisition. This tough scout scope features a one-piece body that is purged and nitrogen charged to make it fog proof. It is sealed with weather resistant seals making it one of the durable scopes out there.

With the green fused multi-colored lens system, you can achieve effective light transmission and effective protection against lens scratching. The magnification of the scope is also great. It has a high magnification of 2x-7x so you can see your images with more clarity and precision for the most accurate shots.

The scope also brags of a long eye relief of 8.5-10 .5 inch giving you safety from heavy recoil and this helps you to get a faster acquisition of your targets.

The scope is made of long lasting aircraft grade aluminum for longevity. This construction also makes it withstand constant heavy recoil. On top of that, it is nitrogen charged with weather resistant seals, fog proof and has a shock resistance housing for durability.

When it comes to the appearance, this lightweight scout scope has a nice matte black lens finish and a green coating that gives it a nice look. 


  • Designed with a fog proof and shock resistant housing 
  • Offers a longer eye relief 
  • Easy to adjust the windage and the elevation 
  • Designed with a durable aircraft grade aluminum 
  • Provides a superior light transmission


  • A little heavy for a scout scope

2. UTG 2-7X44 30mm Long Eye Relief Scout Scope

Are you a shooter looking for the best scout scopes that will provide an exemplary performance? Then you can try the UTG 2-7X44 30mm. this is a quality scope with a 30mm 1 piece tube that provides maximum light transmission.

Users of the scope love its consistent and extended eye relief of up to 11 inches, and you can easily use it on any firearm especially if the optics cannot be mounted directly above the action.

The scope is built to last and serve you for many years. It features a true strength platform, completely shockproof, rainproof and fog proof. On top of that, it is completely sealed and nitrogen filled to enhance its durability.

You will also appreciate the user-friendly design of the scope. The controls are well marked, good tension on knobs and the click is audible enough on windage or elevation. It is also designed with quality glass that is clear so you will not receive any distorted images regardless of the power range.

The scope also features patented reticles illumination with dual color mode and 36 color mode that is perfect for all weather and light conditions. This means that you are not limited to using your scope regardless of the condition.


  • Designed with emerald coated lenses for effective light transmission
  • Has a long eye relief for extended use
  • Features dual color and 36-color mode to accommodate all weather and light conditions
  • It has side wheel adjustable turret for parallax adjustment
  • Great scope for the money


  • The scope is way too heavy

3. Aim Sports 2-7X32 Dual III. Long Eye Relief Scope

When you are out in the woods with your rifle, having quality optics will help you view your targets easily. With the best scout scopes like the Aim Sports 2-7X32, you can be sure of a clear and strong view. This is a nice scope that is purposely made to help you view your targets with more clarity.

For effective light transmission, the scope features an objective that is 32mm. it also has a magnification of 2x-7x for clear and bright images as well as a long eye relief. All these features make targeting very easy and fast.

Another great thing about the scope is its dual illuminated reticles in red and green that allows you to get the best performance in low light situations. The scope also features a multi-coated lens that provides a superior light transmission.


  • Has dual illuminated reticle in green and red for low light conditions
  • Designed with a durable aircraft grade aluminum
  • It has a long eye relief
  • Offers a clear sight picture
  • Has a fog proof and shock resistant housing
  • Has windage and elevation adjustment


  • When the illumination is on the high-intensity setting, the crosshairs blur

4. UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope

If you want to shoot your targets without missing, a perfect scope is important. You can try the UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope that is designed to offer you with the best aiming performance. You can use the scout scope regardless of the weather or light condition. It is designed with red and green dual illumination features that allow you to use it in any condition.

The scope is completely sealed and nitrogen filled to provide you with the best view when you are aiming your target. As a result, you can make accurate shots after aiming at the target.

The scope features a range estimating mil-dot reticle that provides optimal aiming and shooting performance that you need. Additionally, it has an adjustable objective from 3 yards to infinity. Other features that you will also enjoy when using the scope include quick detachable rings, 2-inch sunshade, and high-quality flip-open lens caps. 


  • Perfectly built to provide durability
  • Has clear optics
  • Easy to adjust the objective and the magnification
  • Has red and green dual illumination for versatile use
  • The lens are coated to provide maximum light transmission


  • Because of its compact size, the scope has a short eye relief

 5. Leupold 119675 VX-R Scout Metric FireDot Scope

The Leupold 119675 VX-R is a great scout scope that is designed with high-quality materials and it is tested for durability. The product is from one of the leading producers of quality optics so you can sure about its performance and durability.

In as much as you will pay a high price for this scope, its features and performance are worth the investment. The scope is waterproof making it perfect for use regardless of the outdoor condition. No more worries when you are caught up in the rains.

The scope uses fiber optic technology to produce bright and clear illumination when you are aiming at your target. As a result, you get the accuracy you need when shooting. It also utilizes motion sensor technology which makes the reticle light up with a simple button press.

Get this scope if you want to enjoy the best view in shooting sports, military, law enforcement communities and wildlife observation among other uses.


  • Made with quality aircraft aluminum
  • The scope is waterproof
  • It is lead-free
  • Features a tactical power selector
  • Has an extended battery life


  • Quite expensive

 6. Vortex optics crossfire ii 2-7×32 scout second

Specifically designed as a scouting scope, the vortex optics crossfire offers best performance and it’s very reliable. This bad boy comes fully multi coated, meaning it can increase light transmissions with multi anti reflective coatings on all those air to glass surfaces.

Comes with the v-pex reticle, which is the best and widely known all-purpose hunting reticle. This reticle provides a clear and low-key view of all your targets and is useful in a variety of hunting applications.

Presence of a fast focus eyepiece of 9.45", gives you the ability to set your eye easily and quickly on the target. The eyepiece, windage, and reset turrets all come with knurled rings for that non-slip grip. Additionally, the reset turrets are well designed to resist any impact, and come with caps to prevent damage to it.

The scope has o-ring seals that keep away moisture, dust, and debris. It is also filled with nitrogen gas to resist internal digging. This makes the scope both fog proof and waterproof. Also notably, it is designed with a hard anodized housing, which makes it impact resistant not to mention durable.


  • 9.45" eyepiece
  • Fog proof and waterproof
  • V-plex reticle
  • Fully multi coated


  • Some users cited difficulties with mounting the long eye length

 7. Nikon force From 2.5-8×28 EER matte with BDC

Take the guess work out with the Nikon force with exclusive BDC handgun reticle. Designed purposely for handguns, you can easily bring the reticle into precise focus, giving you an easy target.

Built to stand the test of time, the scope has a rugged recoil proof construction. With this it can withstand the strongest recoil and impacts that you are sure to face during your hunting expeditions.

The scope has a fully multi coated optical system, which lets you get bright and clear sight on your target. Also you can get total brightness and optimum light transmission in case you are hunting during late hours.

O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, this scope comes with the ability to withstand moisture, debris, dust as well as internal fogging. This scope will surely satisfy all your hunting needs and give you the confidence you need under those harsh conditions. 


  • It is waterproof and fog proof
  • Has a fully multi coated optical system
  • Recoil resistant
  • Exclusive BDC handgun reticle


  • Only works best with handguns

8. Aim sports 2-7×42 8.5-10.5" long eye relief

Designed with a range finder reticle, this scope allows you get accurate targeting as well as zero interference during normal shooting. This gives total power and control over your gun.

The scope comes with weather resistant seals, this makes it waterproof and resistant to dust, or any other elements. It is also fully charged with nitrogen gas to prevent fogging. All these features make it perfect for hunting under any conditions.

Talk about fast targeting. With an eye relief of 8.5"-10.5", this scope will not only let you acquire your targets fast, but also prevents strong recoil coming your way.

Comes with fully multi coated lens, giving you proper light transmission and scratch resistance. This will give the hunter bright and clear sight of the target. Additionally, it has a magnification range of ×2 to ×7, meaning you can easily magnificent objects which are distant 7 times.


  • It is totally Fog proof and waterproof
  • It has Multi coated lens
  • Range finder reticle giving you accurate targeting
  • ×2 to ×7 magnification


  • Most users complained about Mil-dots being very small

 9. Nikon pro staff 2-7×32 black matte rifle scope (nikoplex)

Comes with a fully multi coated optical system that will provide the best light transmission. It is totally reliable and will let you stay on target whether it's night or day giving you appropriate brightness accordingly.

Designed with the nikoplex reticle, this lets you use the spot on ballistic match technology. With this technology you can acquire all the aiming points, when you are based in different yards.

The precise hand turn click adjustment lets you sustain your preferred settings even when there is very strong recoil. Additionally, with the magnification range of ×2 to ×7, you are able to see clearly targets within those magnification ranges.

It is filled with nitrogen and has O-ring seals which give it the power to be water resistant, fog resistant, and shock resistant. Therefore, this makes it efficient to use under any circumstances.


  • It is a quality scout scope with a compact design, making it durable
  • Fully multi coated optical system
  • Shock proof, waterproof, and fog proof
  • Has a quick focus eye piece
  • Utilizes spot on ballistic match technology


  • The scope is a little heavy

 10. Leopold fx-ii scout 2.5×28mm duplex

Frankly speaking, it's one of the best scopes available on the market today. Manufactured by a highly successful and competitive company, the scope is totally durable and is the best scope for scout rifles.

Comes with fully multi coated optical system, which will give you the best light transmission. The user is able to see bright and sharp targets no matter the situations.

The scope features exclusive proprietary nitrogen sealing process. This protects it from thermal shock as well as making it fog proof and waterproof. Also it is a solid strong scope which comes as a one piece body.

Designed with the duplex reticle which is the most popular in the world of reticles. With such a renowned feature, you will be able to acquire targets quickly even when you are in low light areas.

With perfect magnification and a long eye relief, these make it very efficient when it comes to rapid shooting at medium to close ranges. Also you can acquire targets quickly even with both eyes open.


  • It is very durable
  • It can be easily used by anyone
  • It is waterproof, fog proof, and shock proof
  • It will give a 22 foot field of view
  • Has a fully multi  coated optical lens


  • The scout scope is a bit expensive
  • The eye relief is too short to use on a pistol

How to choose the Best Scout Scope

Do you want to purchase the best scout scope that will provide you with a better performance when you are in the field? There are several factors that make up the best scout scopes. Before you make your final purchase, go through the buying guide I have prepared for you.

Field Of View

What is the main reason for purchasing a scope? It is to provide you with an increased field of view that you cannot get from your naked eyes. So, you should always consider the field of view because some scopes have wider than others.

Eye Relief

Just like buying other types of scopes, it is equally important to consider the eye relief when you are buying a scout scope. You need a scope with an excellent eye relief so that you can get enough recoiling room and avoid scope bites. 

Type Of Coating

For you to end up with a high-quality scope, you need to check the type of coating. Most of the best scout scopes on the market are made with a coating that makes them water, shock, rain and fog resistant. You should also know that the coatings are different so you have different options to choose. You can either go for a multi-coated, fully multi-coated and fully coated. 

Size And Weight

When it comes to mounting a scout scope, the mounting is done on the further forward unlike other scopes. This means that you should get a lightweight scope that doesn't take much space. This is because when the weight is away from your shoulders, the scope will become pretty heavy to carry, and this might end up compromising your performance.

When it comes to the size, some features like a large objective bell or long bodies might not be necessary. Get a compact scope, and you will have the best performance. 


Of course, everybody wants to own a scout scope that will provide many years of great performance. Always ensure that you pick a durable scope regardless of the brand. Some of the things that make a scope durable include gas filling, O-rings and the materials used to make the scope. Because you will be using your scope outdoors, and sometimes in unfavorable weather, it should have the ability to withstand such conditions.


Just like in other optics, the higher the magnification power, the better the performance of the scope. A scope that has a high magnification allows you to achieve clarity and precision when you are aiming your targets as compared to one with a lower magnification.

Optics And Lenses

This is another great feature that you need to check before you purchase a scope. After all, you want a scope that provides you with a high level of accuracy and precision. If you want to achieve sharper and crystal clear images when aiming at your targets, I would advise you to choose a scope with multi-coated or fully multi-coated optics. 


The price is also another great thing to look at because it eventually determines the performance and durability. By this I mean, a scope that costs less money will not provide you with the same performance and durability like in a high-end model. This doesn't necessarily mean that cheap scopes are bad but you should go for a scope that provides you with value for your money. 

Final Words

Choosing the best rifle on the market is great. It gets even better when you equip your rifle with the top scout scope. All the top scopes I have covered above target acquisition, accuracy and faster reloading. You just need to mount the scope on your rifle, and you will never miss your targets.

With the plenty of scout scopes on the market today, picking the best can be tricky. I have narrowed down your options by providing you with the best models. The reviews together with the buying guide will help you select the best scope that fits on your rifle well. Just make the comparisons, and you will be in a position to determine the best scout scope.

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