10 Best Deer Hunting States in the United States

In such a huge country like the United States, it is an important question to consider as to the best deer hunting states where you can hunt a deer.

In the following write up I have tried to opine what I have experienced as a hunter. Some may agree with my view point some may not. Though I am not claiming myself to be an expert but I believe I have gathered a considerable amount of experience which you may consider and it , I hope , will help you a lot to figure out topmost 10 destinations to hunt a deer. If you have the proper hunting equipment to kill then I am going to guide you where you should be to get your desired buck.

best deer hunting states

10 Best Deer Hunting States in the United States

Check out the following list of the  10 Best states for Deer Hunting in the United States

10. Georgia

It may surprise to people about the placement of Georgia but the reason is, in the recent years the excellence of whitetail buck hunting has significantly amplified in here. In my opinion,Georgia is still one of the best states for whitetail deer hunting. Though there had been news of relocation of such whitetail buck because of various illnesses.

Special thanks goes to State’s wild life management bureau. Though you less likely found Booner deer in here than any other States in USA, the general deer birth rate amazingly high, the average age of young born bucks is good, the numbers of buck is great, and more than 3% of the State area is allowed for public to hunt. These aspects along with a fifty five percent hunter’s achievement ratio, makes Georgia the tenth position on our grade.

9. South Carolina

Along with certain exclusions South Carolina placed number nine for the similar causes like Georgia. The Quality Deer Management  Associations(QDMA) 2013 Whitetail Report says South Carolina hunters produce more bucks per square mile than every other state (3.6 bucks per square mile approximately ).

Another viewpoint should also be considered as to  that last year the  hunters in Orangeburg  killed more deer than the whole state of Massachusetts. It is  also amazing to know that about 70% of South Carolina deer trackers report successful pursuits. In SC the likelihoods of a enormous whitetail buck may not be as high as sometime expected but it can be assured that the hunters will have a great time with their hunting gadgets and will tag a great number of buck.

top 10 deer hunting spots

8. Texas

When comes to Texas, everything is huge, so does the number of inhabited Deer. This state is one best states for whitetail deer hunting because Dallas, Texas has a huge amount of whitetail deer, approximately a vast margin of 309,000 bucks harvested in 2011 alone.  But this Lone Star State city has been placed in number eight on our list because it also has an massive populace of hunters.

In terms of choosing Texas for hunting destination, some interesting factors can be considered such as, statics shows it placed 2nd in terms of the number of antlerless harvest; in between 2005 to 2010 it placed 10th for maximum Boone & Crockett counts with 132 and finally the availability of huge amount (the almost 1.6 million acres) of public hunting land.

When the time comes to reserve a Texas hunt, you have couple of choices like Ox Ranch, Greystone Castle Sporting Club, but if somehow you can arrange somebody with private land you must have better chance of hunting. There is another advantage of hunting in Dallas is that you can easily move to King Ranch (situated in Southern Texas) or the state of Oklahoma for additional chasing.

7. Mississippi

If any State should get reward for the effectiveness of Quality Deer Management practices,  Mississippi should one of them.

For several years Mississippi placed top deer hunting states in ratio of found bucks being 3 1/2 years old or older, placed no.2  in ratio of yearling bucks found, and placed No.5  in ratio in terms of the number of bucks found per square mile. Though you may not be able to grab a trophy in this Magnolia State but if you have proper hunting rifles then you have a very good chance of scoring a good hunt in a place where number of harvesting buck is better than any other place.

6. Iowa

Des Moines plus the adjacent areas of Iowa are recognized for existing  great deer inhabitants. For many passionate whitetail hunters Iowa should be among the best states for whitetail deer hunting list. They  may  find it unorthodox and unacceptable watching Iowa  not in the topmost three of any list of top whitetail destinations.

There are, however, good reasons for Iowa’s such reputable, nevertheless not top ranking. From 2005-2010 the State of Iowa had the third largest B&C entries in U.S. Furthermore, Iowa proposes a 0.078% chance of harvesting a Booner, as the 4th highest in that group. Those who willing to hunt in Iowa,  have to apply with licence fee and hope that they are the chosen.

If you’re an Iowan resident , you need to pay less than $30 as license fee for Deer hunting . In the summer out-of-state inhabitants can apply for deer hunting for one month and they  must  pay a fee of dollar 123. Out-of-state permit fees are massive, and hunting on an out-of-state license limits you to some portions of the State.

One special note to be considered, merely 0.7% of the state (266,000) acres is authorized to public hunting. So though Iowa may be the land of giants, only a fortunate few allowed to hunt there.

5. Kansas

Kansas is a state that has developed and familiarized to being close the highest of any “best whitetail deer destinations” list, and there are some valid reasons.

From 2005-2010 the State of Kansas  had the eighth largest  Boone & Crockett entries in U.S.  and, technically -speaking, Kansas offers the third best chance of any state to hunt such a buck.

From 2005-2010 the State of Iowa had the third largest B&C entries in U.S. Furthermore, Iowa proposes a 0.078% chance of harvesting a Booner, as the 4th highest in that group.

The State of Kansas deals with the same disadvantage as the State of Iowa. Though the State is well stocked with big size bucks, there is authoritative embargo in hunting them.   It is merely 0.8% of the state (420,000) acres is authorised to public hunting.

The State’s lottery system for deer tags appears to provide a better opportunity at being drawn than the State of Iowa, the cost of a guided and/or private land hunt is also an important factor to be considered.

4. Illinois

Illinois, specially Quincy,   is a state that is very famous for high chance of trophy production in terms of hunting and that is why it is one of the top deer hunting states in the country .   The State had nearly 300 bucks participated into the Boone & Crockett books from 2005-2010, the 2nd highest in compare to all State. This is considered to be a very important factor when considering Illinois ranked in number four.

The geographic location of Quincy makes it “The Golden Triangle” of Illinois deer hunting. Moreover, Quincy, Illinois is well known as the home of famous whitetail deer hunting outfitters like Hadley Creek, South Fork, and heartland Lodge. In addition to hunting, Quincy has plenty of recreational activities for hunters to engage in there free or boring time.

A quick note:  Quincy is also adjacent to the deer hunting States of Mississippi and Iowa , so the passionate deer hunter can move 3 top and favorite deer hunting destinations at a time in no time.

3. Missouri

Though Missouri doesn’t have long history as favorite place of deer hunting, in recent years it is an alluring destination for the hunters. For the last several years, a reasonable number electronic and digital media have mentioned highly about this place and that gives huge publicity of this great State that draws attention to the deer hunters group.

There are several reasons Missouri ranked number 3 in this list.   Firstly, this State has high chance of trophy production in terms of hunting. Secondly, there’s an incredible sum of public land open for deer hunting. Thirdly,  the density of hunters is reasonable (8.3 hunters per square mile) so there is good chance of scoring a good number of deer every time  at the end of your hunting session . Finally,  among the whole buck the State produce, around 38% of the buck is in the age of 3 1/2 years old or older which is reasonably a healthy age structure. So this year if you are traveling with you rifle scope for hunting in the Midwest then Missouri is one of the places you should be.

2. Indiana

Indiana is another Midwestern State that for ages kept it quite from the limelight regarding their treasure of deer and many says the Indiana people and Hoosier hunters want to keep it that way.

This grate State offers a better opportunity at taking a record book whitetail. The Hunters here statistically have better chance (084% chance of success in hunting a Booner) of hunting a Booner than any other State in the country.

It may surprise you that over the past 10 years, this State is also in the best 10 for entire B&C entries. In spite of a fair amount of density of hunters’ leads to a reasonable amount of pressure among the hunters, they enjoy a 50% success rate. Furthermore, a decent amount of public land is available for the ardent hunters to hunt the deer.  These above features promoted Indiana to second place on our list.

1. Kentucky

Though almost the whole State of Kentucky is major deer hunting region, Louisville to be precise has a huge to provide.

This Bluegrass State appears to facilitate all the advantages for the deer hunters  ,that is,  long hunting seasons with friendly regulations for both locals and out-of-state hunters, reasonable pressure(i.e. reasonable number of hunters per square mile), a huge, healthy, and well-balanced herd, high chance of trophy production in terms of hunting; there’s an incredible sum of public land open for hunting.

Another plus point to be mentioned, this State has boundaries with Indiana and Ohio so anyone can visit those States to satisfy their hunger for hunting once they have used their Kentucky tags. Moreover, Louisville is recognized for a place of having a solid social gathering, so someone can have a good time when they are not shooting bucks.

Kentucky positions 2nd to Indiana Only in one category  namely the ratio of harvesting a Booner (0.082%),

All the above features are good enough to place Kentucky the no.1 position on our list of top 10 places to hunt whitetail buck in the U.S.

We have developed the list of “10 Best states for Best Deer Hunting States ”  based on the following criteria : Access to land; Cost of hunting; Deer population; Ease of obtaining license; Harvests per hunter; Hunter density; cost of License; Reputation of area; Trophy potential If you’re an enthusiastic hunter of whitetail or mule deer you’d undoubtedly like to learn about the places you have the great chances of catching that trophy buck. If you have gone through the above article it will definitely help you to achieve that goal. One important fact. Finding the right places to go for hunting is crucial but it is also important that you own proper rifle (weapon) along with other accessories and gadgets like rifle scope, spotting scope, binocular, night vision equipment and so on.

Best of Luck to you all! Happy hunting!

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