Best Rimfire Target Scope – Review Guide

Rimfire rifles are the best in the market. I recommend them for any game hunting lover out there who is looking for the ideal rifle scope that will work best on his or her rifle helping in delivering excellent results.

I remember I got one for myself and I was amazed by the sighting speed and the other spectacular it had. It left me even more interested in game hunting like never before.

The rifle scopes have high-quality features that will leave you digging in your pockets to get them for yourselves. The products are new in the market. They are specially and spectacularly designed to meet all user specifications.

If you do not have one right now, I suggest you get one that will very effective, and the Best Rimfire Target Scope have it all!!

I will now take you through the best target scopes provided by the best rimfire Target Scope.

Best Rimfire Target Scope – Comparison Table

Recommended Rimfire Target Scope

1. Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone-22 BDC Rimfire Reticle Riflescope

Best Rimfire Target Scope

Lovers of game hunting here is an interesting rifle scope that works best on rifles. I recommend this rifle scope for anyone looking for an ideal one out there; this one will work great on your rifle.

It has great features just as I am going to take you through them; it has a sharp razor for clarity purposes. It has fully multi-coated optics and fast focus eyepiece that enables you to capture clear images hence no guesswork.

It has a side focus parallax adjustment for easy adjusting long range accuracy .it also has target turrets that allow for pinpoint-precise adjustments. It is made of high- durability aluminum alloy, anodize-finished and sealed to protect the inside from elements and that is why this rifle scope is one of the best target scope and  is number one  in my top 10 list.


  • Has a sharp razor for clarity
  • It has fully multi-coated optics that allow for brightness.
  • It has a side focus parallax adjustment and a fast- focus eyepiece for easy moving of the lens to allow for long- range accuracy.
  • It has target turrets that allow for pinpoint exact adjustments.
  • It's made of high durability material that protects the inner side from elements


  • It has unmatched light transmission
  • Has a limited warranty

2. Nikon Prostaff Target EFR 3-9*40 AO Matte Precision Reticle

Here is another top class Target Scope that will blow your mind off!!The Nikon Prostaff Target is specially designed and engineered to meet buyer specifications perfectly. I suggest this rifle scope for any lover of game hunting looking for a perfect rifle scope to use on his/her rifle.

I not only recommend it for its design but also because of the features that it possesses that will leave you running to the nearest shop to get one for yourself.

It uses the New Nikon Precision Reticle that features a fine crosshair with a dot and provides an adjustable objective lens that allows focusing at a very high range.

It also has fully multi-coated lenses that ensure that there is maximum brightness as required by the user and contrast and effective light transmission. The Target EFR has a large ocular with quick focus eyepiece. It is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. thus it is the 2nd best target scope in our best rimfire target scope chart.


  • It has fully multicoated lenses that allow for incredible light transmission.
  • It has a quick focus eyepiece for effective accuracy.
  • It has a new precision target reticle-ideal for rimfire or also air rifles.
  • It is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof that makes it efficient for use in any environment as well as weather conditions, which ensures its durability is effective.


  • It has no mount rings
  • Has a limited warranty.

3. Simmons 511039 3-9*32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black Riflescope

This spectacular Rifle scope has features that will be of much interest to any buyer and user out there; it has Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece that delivers relief to the eye through the magnification range.

It has high-quality optical glass that ensures that the images captured are sharp and clear. It has a hydro shield coating on the lens that ensures that the rifle scope can be used in weather conditions. It has sure grip rubber surfaces that allow easy adjustments in any shooting conditions. As one of the best target scope this rifle scope secured 3rd  position in our top 10 review list.


  • High quality optical glass and coated optics for clear images.
  • Can be used in any weather and environmental conditions that makes it reliable and durable.
  • Has a suregrip rubber surface for easy adjusting of the lenses in any shooting conditions.


  • It has a longer eye relief

4. Simmons ProTarget Truplex Reticle Side Parallax Adjustment Riflescope

Here is another spectacular Riflescope I have just for you!!I recommend this Simmons ProTarget Truplex Reticle Side Parallax Adjustment Riflescope for any hunter who is looking for a riflescope that will work incredibly on his/her rifle.

I suggest you get this riflescope because it has been designed and engineered perfectly with spectacular features that will leave you smiling all the way to the nearest shop to get yourself one!!It has fingertip-adjustable turrets to enable hit you hit your target at any shooting angle.

It has a side focus that allows you to have a quick focus when shooting in any condition. It has multicoated optics, these ensure that the images captured are sharp and clear. It has an incredible tube design that provides incredible light gathering.


  • Has multicoated optics for clarity of images
  • Has a special fingertip-adjustable turret that delivers accurate results.
  • Has incredible magnification power for clarity and accuracy.
  • It has a side focus that enables the hunter or rather the user if it is a kid to have an excellent focus when shooting at any condition and shooting angle.
  • Has a spectacular tube design of its own that delivers excellent light gathering.


  • The lateral adjustment of the scope is not great

5. Nikon P-RIMFIRE 2-7*32 Nikonplex Rifle Scope

This rifle scope has incredible features that will always leave you addicted to game hunting. I recommend this rifle scope for anyone looking for a rifle scope that works best on their rifle.

You need to get yourself one of the Nikon P-RIMFIRE 2-7*32 Nikonplex Rifle Scope because it uses the new Nikon's precision optics that is designed to deliver excellent sighting speed and superb accuracy.

I will now take you through the amazing features of this riflescope; it has Eco-Glass lenses made without lead or arsenic and coated with multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds. It offers high-quality accuracy over a long-range target style and hand-turn adjustments.


  • Has Eco-Glass that are multicoated to prevent it from harmful elements and for delivering of clear and sharp images.
  • High-quality hand turn adjustments to enable the user to be able to hit the target over long ranges and also delivers accurate results.
  • The scope works well for the price
  • It has the best sighting speed and improved accuracy


  • The turrets of the scope are different from the ones indicated on the photo

6. Pinty 2.5-10x40 AOEG Red Green Illuminated Mil-dot Tactical Rifle Scope

This rifle scope has incredible features that will always leave you addicted to game hunting. I recommend this rifle scope for anyone looking for a rifle scope that works best on their rifle.

Its objective diameter is 40mm which is adjustable with the knobs on the housing, so as you can view the distant and get clear pictures. 

With the correct setup of a well-adjusted scope, it prevents movement between the reticle and the object focused on.

Its green and red multi-coated has a great light transmission with resolution too that give crisp images that are accurate for shooting hence has improved performance than the objective lens with blue color.
It has 5 levels that are bright and achieved by the various settings that suit all environments and weather, the brightness levels help in the focus of the targets.

Its nitrogen packed O ring is sealed for purposes of the scope to be waterproof and also fog proof.


  • It is fog-proof and also water resistant
  • Comes along with its batteries, lens cover, and cleaning cloth.
  • Great magnification
  • Has clear crisp images
  • 5 levels of adjustments levels to suit all environments.


  • Has no tripod stand.
  • Competes closely with the blue light transmitter scopes.

7. Vortex Optics Diamondback 2-7x35 Rimfire

When you read the name diamond what comes to mind? Exactly a gemstone, not just any but one of the best stones ever, so Optic Diamondback is one of the best target scope to use and has value for it as well. 

Let's say money is guaranteed. Is best used at short ranges, shot-guns plus muzzleloaders. It has reticles that aid in measuring the scale and locating of the target. Its centralization point gives you a perfect aim. This works well because of the fast focus eyepiece on the lens which is multi-coated and gives clear and bright images at whatever time of day may it be twilight or dusk time.

The tube is dense with a hard anodized finish that makes the scope shockproof and more durable. In it, the o-ring is sealed making optic diamondback both fog-proof and water-proof. It comes with unlimited VIP warranty that unconditional and yes a lifetime.


  • Has eye relief of 3.1 inches, great right
  • Has adjustable elevation and also audible click windage dials
  • All purposes hunting scope
  • Has high magnification that's adaptable.
  • It’s resilient to magnum recoil.
  • It is a crosshair scope
  • Has scopes caps.


  • Glass gets a little blurry.

8. Burris Droptine Riflescope with Ballistic Plex .22 Reticle

This is a simple scope that has a firm focus eye bit and very flawless optics with great click adjustments. Its clarity is unmatchable and the quality of Burris droptine is top notch. It holds zero even when the rifle drops. The lightweight is ideal for most mounting rifles.

The ballistic plex is very nice and the precision glass is multi-coated that has a low-light ability with glare resistance. It has easy and simple to use reticle that has an uncluttered design.

Has 1 tube that's finger adjusted with low-profile adjustment turrets. The turrets and the power piece are both very easy positive rotations. Has double internal springs assembled on the inside for absorbing shocks and makes it a lifetime investment. The eyepiece and also the power ring are well done to allow flip- up lens lids.

It is ideal in all weather patterns and environments and not a disappointment while in use. It is nitrogen – filled that prevents fogging even when raining or when cold, and has the quad-seal rings for durability purposes.

I forgot to mention it withstands shock and vibration even when the rifle shoots hard. The price is unbeatable and very competitive. Get one we go hunt big game and the predators too.


  • Good quality with great accuracy
  • Has crystal clear pictures
  • It holds zero throughout, and easily re-zero it
  • Has great ballistic plex
  • Great pricing
  • Great shock absorber.
  • Lightweight


  • No cons so far.

9. Primary Arms Fixed Power 6X32 Rifle Scope w/ACSS .22LR BDC Reticle PA6X32-22LR

The 22 reticle is quite awesome for its size. The 6x magnification has a first ratio that decreases the time on target at the fixed magnification. The material it is made of is high-quality aluminum that is hard coated with anodized black matte. 

This helps in grip and handling of the scope. It works great and has is compact and of lightweight.

If the scope malfunctions due to its make- up the company will either replace or repair the defects. Its three-year warranty got you covered.
The primary arms 6x32 has great range estimation. It also has wind holds all included in this scope. Let's you shoot some cans, range clay, and bottles amongst small game hunts.

It has an eye relief of 3.20 inches that's comfortable with the scope. It is a perfect scope for 22 rifle, and easily able to hold zero even after several shots. For its simplicity, it is an ideal basic scope for its pricing and game.


  • Has a second focal plane
  • Has clear optics
  • The click adjustments are good
  • Fixed power
  • For its price range, a great scope.


  • It does not have an illuminated reticle.
  • Has a fixed parallax
  • Small reticle

10. Hawke Sport Optics Riflescope - Vantage 4-16X50AO Mil Dot IR

The optical system of Hawke sports optics riflescope is the trademark of this range and gives a lifestyle touch for the outdoor fanatic for long range shooting.

Its optical system sets it apart from other riflescopes. It has a wide angle system that gives one the best view of 4-16x and a one-piece main- tube. It has a large objective that draws in light and can be used both at dawn and dusk.

The multi-coated lens boosts the transmission of light giving contrast and also a brightness that blends with the color fidelity.

The large objective equally helps in the exit pupil comfort. Should your eye dilate because of low light, still the whole fields of view can be seen easily without moving the head or eyes to look over.

It has clarity that's exceptional in its field with a simplicity that is to ‘die for' and delivers performance over and above its expectations. Has protective caps that cover the turrets and ensure they are safe from particles when outdoors.


  • Has 5 brightness levels
  • One piece main tube
  • It comes with its cover, lens cloth
  • Very clear images.
  • Has a generous large objective


  • Does not come with rings.

11. Simmons Truplex Riflescope (3-9X40, Matte)

It is one of the scopes that make me happy for its good quality and you cannot beat the price range. It holds at zero which is a good thing for a scope as it does not drift due to its lock system.

Has great clarity as you gain focus with the 8 pointer triplex reticle, which has great features that makes you want to bag several pieces with the outstanding precision and the quick target acquisition eyepiece feature.

The optics are fully coated which enhances brighter and high contrast images. The windage has a click on every turn and elevation adjustment you engage in and is effortlessly smooth in the audible clicks.

It holds through vigorous and adverse settings and conditions. Its material is both water and fog proof and also recoil proof.

You can easily have it mounted on the rifle and what a sight it is when hanged on the plane walls of your house. The matte black finish helps the Simmons triplex easy to grip.


  • It is water and fog proof
  • Has coated optics that gives good clarity
  • Has outstanding precision
  • Wide field of view
  • Holds zero and recoil proof
  • Has elevation adjustments and windage
  • Has sure grip
  • Strong 8 point rifle.


  • None to report yet and I don't expect cons anyway.

How to Choose the Best Rimfire Target Scope

Choosing rimfire target scope can be a hard job if you are a beginner or have less information about the product. However, if you have the following things in mind, it will be very easy for you to make the right choice.

Magnification Power

I suggest that when one is looking for a riflescope, he or she should go for one that meets his or her desired magnification power.

This is because at times a riflescope with high magnification power dose not works well for some people, so it is better to go for one that satisfies your user specifications, and rimfire target scope has it all.

Rimfire Range

When choosing the best rimfire rifle, it is important to select one that does not have a very long rimfire range. This is because at times the longer the range, the less accurate the results since the focus will not be particular at the moment and one hitting the target might a problem due to inaccuracy due to the unclear and inaccurate focus. Go for the best that is provided by rimfire target scope.


You should also check the properties of a riflescope before purchasing it. At Rimfire Target Scope, you will find riflescopes that are waterproof, fog proof and shockproof these properties enable your rifle to last for a very long time, making it effective.

Final Words

I recommend the Best Rimfire Target Scope for anyone who is looking for perfect riflescopes that work best on any rifle.

They are the best because they are all specially engineered and designed to meet user specifications. I used one of the above, and it was an amazing experience since it delivered the best results like never before.

If you are looking for a perfect, spectacular riflescope that meets your user specifications, get yourself one of the above, and I assure you incredible results.

I advise to go for quality products not just cheap, at times cheap are expensive. It is advisable to use quality products that make you feel good and satisfied when and after using them!!

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