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Calibrate Binoculars – Simple Steps to Follow

Introduction Are you going bird watching? If yes, you need functional binoculars. Most of the time, people throw away binoculars claiming that the piece does not function when the problem is as simple as calibration. To calibrate binoculars refers to setting the binoculars to suit your eyes. If you want a binocular buying guide you […]

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How to Choose Binoculars: Step by Step Guide

Introduction Binoculars are great for viewing wildlife and birds, among other uses. If you are buying your first binocular, you need to know some essential tips on how to choose binoculars. They are available in various types to suit the needs of different users. So, what kind of binoculars are best for beginners? We prepared […]

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The Ultimate List of Rabbit Hunting Gears

Introduction Rabbit hunting is a popular and exciting sport. If you want to be fast and accurate in hunting, then you have to get the right equipment. So, what should I take rabbit hunting? There are different types of night hunting gears. Your choice of rabbit hunting gear defines your results. The best equipment will […]

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The Ultimate Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

Introduction Gifts are one of the best treasures in human life. Choosing a gift, however, can be very challenging, especially for a picky person. It is always great to give someone a gift that he will always treasure. For bird lovers, you should try your best to look for the best bird lovers’ presents. Check […]

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How to Hunt Hogs in the Winter

Introduction Wild hogs are normally nocturnal animals. Research shows that hogs have a habit of feeding just before the break of dawn and within an hour just before sunset. During the winter season and cold periods, the weather conditions make it difficult for vegetation to germinate nor insects to migrate. During this period, hogs are […]

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Winter Rabbit Hunting – The tips you need

Introduction Winter Rabbit hunting is one of the best activities you can do during winter. Sure it may be cold but hunting rabbits is worth it. In this article, I’ll show you the steps to take when you are late rabbit hunting without dogs and how to hunt rabbits in the winter. Do many people tend […]

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