Best Rimfire Scope Rings – List of The Top Selling Models!

Rimfire rifles continue to be a preferred rifle among many hobbyist and hunters. No matter what type of ​rimfire rifle  you own and no matter what you use it for, adding a scope will increase your accuracy. Failing to put a fitting rifle scope to a rimfire is a slip-up and can cause reduced performance.

We will first offer you with our top 5 picks for the best rimfire scope rings right now in the market.

​Best Rimfire Scope Rings - Comparison Table



Product Dimensions

Shipment Weight


Redfield .22 See-Thru Dovetail Rings

Redfield .22 See-Thru Dovetail Rings

4.8 x 3.8 x 1.2 inches

2.4 ounces

Weaver .22 Caliber 1-Inch Tip-Off Rings

4.8 x 4 x 1.1 inches

1.6 ounces

Redfield .22 Cal Aluminum Rings

Redfield .22 Cal Aluminum Rings

1 inch

2.4 ounces

Leupold Rifleman .22 Rim Fire 3/8 Inch Detachable See-Thru Rings


0.3 lb

SNIPER® Air gun /.22 Medium Profile Compact Scope Ring

1 inch

3.2 ounces

Recommended Rimfire Scope Rings​

1. Redfield .22 See-Thru Dovetail Rings

The Redfield .22 See-Thru Dovetail Rings are one of the best rimfire scopes rings in the market today. It enhances your firearms in a way that you will not be disappointed with it. From the reviews I get from many of its users, I can confirm that it is real of good quality.

The Redfield .22 See-Thru Dovetail Rings also allow the see-thru section so as to provide ample visibility and see-through design allows the use of firearms with open sights or scope.

Some other features you may find within this scope ring is the fact that one can have a professional mount and accommodates 1-inch scopes, mounts on firearms with 3/8-inch dovetail receiver.

It also has anAircraft-grade aluminum so that it may enhance rugged, lightweight performance. Ensure you fix the screws down on the receiver to avoid walking off the assembly.

For more efficiency, make sure your mounts are lapped. It takes stress from the scope resulting it to working much better.


  • The rings holding the scope are not dependent on the screw holding the rings to the rail.
  • The quality seems to be very solid; the screws tightened nicely
  • Holds scope securely
  • Good quality, easy to mount.
  • Works fine on rifles that have a flat top
  • Allows one to use the scope at long range and the peep sight for shorter ranges.
  • The rings allow a clear view of the open fiber optic sights.


  • Will not fit a rifle with a curved receiver
  • Can work loose if no Loctite is used.

2. Weaver .22 Caliber 1-Inch Tip-Off Rings

You can never go wrong with this rimfire scope ring. They are a great product for the value of your money. The semi-gloss finish appeals with most rifles. The Weaver .22 Caliber 1-Inch Tip-Off Rings serve their purpose, are very durable, and I like most of its applications.

One of its best aspects is that it allows a Professional mount hence making it more efficient. The Weaver .22 Caliber 1-Inch Tip-Off Rings is mainly made for rifles with factory grooves in receiver hence it is more compatible with such rifles.

They are Tipoff Rings for .22 calibers which are compatible with 3/8" grooved receivers. It easy to use hence can be installed and used by anybody with no frustrations at all.

This rimfire scope ring clamp directly to the receiver or Tip-Off Bases which enhances a tight grip that does not easily slip. It is a scope ring that I would recommend since it is efficient and reliable.


  • Seems solid, simple and effective.
  • It is tight, holds its grip, and it doesn't easily slip.
  • Good scope mount and keeps a true zero
  • Reasonably priced.
  • These rings are very durable
  • Scope is very secure
  • Works great and looks good on the rifle.


  • Scope barely clears the iron sight.
  • Too low for the scope/rifle combination
  • The screws it comes with it seems to be small.

3. Redfield .22 Cal Aluminum Rings

The Redfield .22 Cal Aluminum Rings are built for harsh tolerances. It has proven to be a highly performing product, and from the many positive reviews that have reached me, it's ​one of the best rimfire scope rings that I am considering to own someday for my firearm. From my research, it seems it has a guaranteed high-performance track when compared to many rimfire scope rings in the market today.

The Redfield .22 Cal Aluminum Rings has stood the test of time by making it through the most rigorous hunts and escapades. This rimfire scope rings always provide a quality experience. They do what they are meant to do hence no major complaints so far from customer feedback.

Gloss rings are hard to come by this day hence if you are looking for some this may be your best choice. This is a product I would recommend for all users with firearms that are compatible with this rimfire scope rings since they have many benefits and applications.


  • Provides Perfect Alignment.
  • They fit perfectly.
  • Easy to install
  • Very light and strong
  • Affordable.
  • Quality materials.
  • Simple and versatile.


  • Use of tiny slotted screws to mount the rings to the receiver.
  • Height more like high rings than extra high.

4. Leupold Rifleman .22 Rim Fire 3/8 Inch Detachable See-Thru Rings

The Leupold Rifleman .22 Rim Fire 3/8 Inch Detachable See-Thru Rings are made from aluminum so as to ensure more strength and recoil resistance at the same time making sure that it does not add a lot of weight to the rifle.

Some have a black matte finish, and a silver finish is also available hence one can choose the one they may feel appeals with them. The vertical split rings and detachable see-thru rings are made so as to fit a normal cross-slot base design, creating much likelihood for their usage.

If you in need of rimfire scope rings that sit much higher than most rings of this type, then this will be a great fit for you. It is a product I would still recommend my fellow rifle enthusiasts on purchases since it is convenient and no slips which can be very frustrating.

If you don't want to be on the receiving end for a bad product for your firearm, I would recommend this for you if your rifle is compatible with it.


  • Allows use of both iron sights and scope without trouble.
  • Easy to switch back and forth.
  • They are rock solid.
  • Great quality and affordable price.
  • No issues zeroing.
  • They're very secure.


  • Difficulty to install.
  • Bad design.

5. SNIPER® Air gun /.22 Medium Profile Compact Scope Ring

It is a made from Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy with Anodized Black Matte finish which is complete with stop-pin for Rock Solid application which in turn ensures it is very strong.

The SNIPER® Air gun /.22 Medium Profile Compact Scope Ring has a ring base Designed with Locking Hex Screws to tightly Fit on Mounts with Air gun which ensures it is tight and securely held in place.

It is highly reliable and efficient my reason for recommending this product. It is also reasonably priced, and value meets its price. Some rimfire scope rings tend to be hard to fix and set up, but the SNIPER® Air gun /.22 Medium Profile Compact Scope Ring is very easy and simple hence it does not pose and difficulty when setting it up.


  • Very sturdy and well built.
  • Great value for the money.
  • Simple installation.
  • Very tight holding and secure
  • Good quality and simple installation
  • Works great and efficient


  • They strip easily because the tool that comes with the rings strips the bolts.
  • Bolts started stripping after reinstallation.

How to Choose Best Rimfire Scope Rings


When choosing a rimfire one thing you have to keep in mind is how simple it easy in terms of installation and use since scopes eliminate frustration. When you have a scope, you will just have to line up your crosshairs with what you are aiming towards.

It's much easier to learn to shoot with a scope, and since most rifle scopes also magnify, your target appears closer and consequently easier to see, allowing you to place a more accurate shot on your target.


Something else one should have in mind more so for convenience is whether or not they are detachable. Considering detachable scope rings will be great for you since one can use them on a variety of multiple rifles. Some rifles come with fixed scope rings while others detachable which allow easy removal and installation and these ones can be best with the best night vision scopes.

Size And Type Of Rifle

Some rifles demand a higher quality set up for better results hence the size of the rifle will be a huge determining factor when considering what scope rings to use. Shot after shot the rings need to clench tightly so that the scope maintains precision.

Scope Rings Price Range

Always do yourself the favor of considering budget before making your purchase. Some scope rings tend to be expensive and maybe you can acquire the same value and quality for a more reasonable price.

Size Of Scope Rings

Scope ring come in all sizes and shapes and depending on the rifle you own this will be a very important factor to consider. You should also consider if you need a high profile which will allow you some height above your barrel and also allows the larger object lens to fit properly, or will you need a low profile which will do the vice versa.

Final Words

To help yourself make a more informed decision about which scope is right for you, you should always consider the factors mentioned above. We have provided you with the best rimfire scope rings in the market hence making it easier for you to choose from the best.

One thing they all have in common is that they are efficient and from my experience and research it is no doubt that I have provided you with the best picks depending on what you want or your rifle set up.​

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