How to Shoot a Rifle: Ultimate Tips for Rifle Shooting Accurately

To be a great hunter, one must master the art of rifle shooting. Learning how to shoot a rifle depends on how much effort you are willing to put in. There are several ways you can learn how to do this, for example, seeking advice from expert shooters, or even gathering as much info as you can on this subject. Luckily, for most of this article, we will focus on teaching you those basics on everything you need to know on rifle shooting tips.

Let’s start off with the most essential information any rifle owner should know.

How to Shoot a Rifle

Safety Rules of Firing a Rifle

First off the most crucial thing before firing any weapon is to learn the main safety rules. Before you know how to shoot a rifle, you must learn how to be safe from a rifle before you fire. The following rules you and your hunting/ shooting partners must obey to keep you guys safe from any mishaps.

1. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

A safe direction would be a direction where a bullet wouldn’t harm anyone in case it is shot accidentally. When handling a rifle, make sure that the muzzle is either pointed up or down. Always know where the muzzle is pointed at all times, even during dry shooting.

If you can adapt to this habit, you will be in a position to avoid any form of accidents.

2. Never rely on your rifle’s safety.

Always treat your iPhone as though it can fire at any moment. The safety on a rifle is just like any device; it can become inoperable at any time.

You can think it’s off when actually it’s on. Always check the rifle’s safety manually. Only touch the trigger when you actually intend to shoot.

3. Know your target and what’s beyond it.

It is a very important rule while you think of how to shoot a rifle safely. When a rifle is fired, you lose control over where the bullet goes. When shooting, be sure of what your bullet is going to hit and whether there is anything that can be hurt beyond the target.

Even when you are not an accurate shooter, make sure that your shot will not harm anyone or anything beyond the target that you intend to shoot for example check if there are no houses beyond the target that you intend to shoot.

4. Unload your rifle when it’s not in use.

Only load your rifle when you intend to use it. Do this especially at the place you are to shoot rounds in. Always secure the ammunition safely separate from the rifle.

Never allow Minors or any other unauthorized person to access the rifle or even the ammunition. Do not participate in any activities with a loaded rifle, for example, do not climb trees while carrying a loaded rifle.

5. Always use the right ammunition.

There are various firearms, and most use different ammunition. Only use ammunition that is designed for your specific rifle. Read warnings that come on the ammunition boxes to be safe.

When you use incorrect ammunition on the wrong rifle, you can end up destroying it and causing injuries to yourself. Always go for ammunition that matches that of your rifle’s instruction manual.

6. If on the first attempt the rifle refuses to fire, handle it with extra care.

The cartridge may not fire once you pull the trigger. Once this happens, keep the muzzle facing in a safe direction and keep the breech away from your face.

Immediately open the action and then unload the rifle. Dispose off the cartridge in a Safeway. This is because if the cartridge remains in the chamber, the rifle also remains loaded and ready to fire at any moment. You must know that even when it doesn’t fire when you pull the trigger, there is still a very high chance it will fire at any point.

7. Wear safety Gear

In this case, any shooter must always have shooting glasses as well as hearing protectors. This will prevent shooters from getting exposed to firing noise that can easily cause hearing problems. Also, the eye-protecting gear will protect against clay Target chips, twigs plus ruptured case of the rifle.

Even when unloading and cleaning your rifle, eye protection is still necessary to prevent any elements from contacting your eyes for example, springs and other small components of your rifle.

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8. Never alter or try to modify your rifle

Rifles are designed to function in their original conditions. Any form of alteration or modification made to a rifle after its manufacture can make the weapon very dangerous to you and those you shoot with.

If you see that your gun is a little worn out, you can have it inspected and serviced by an expert or from the manufacturer. Have it regularly serviced for the best shooting experience.

9. Before shooting, make sure the barrel is free of any obstructions.

It is a very useful feature while you think of how to shoot rifle safely so make sure you follow this. Always inspect your rifle to make sure that there is no ammunition in the chamber or a magazine. Clean up the barrel and make sure that there is no obstruction like excess lubricating oil, snow, mad or even grease in the bore.

In case you don’t clean out these particles, they will cause increased pressure making the barrel to burst once the trigger is pulled. Also, if you fire the noise or recoil doesn’t seem right, then you have to stop shooting and check for any projectile lodged in the barrel.

10. Learn your rifle’s handling and mechanical features

Learning how to shoot rifle safely is like exhausting learning process. By now, you know that not all rifles are the same. Make sure first to familiarize yourself with your rifle. Practice how you can always be handling and carrying the rifle around. It is best if you get to learn the rules of several for handling all in general.

Also, you can choose to follow the manufacturer’s guidance on how best you can handle your rifle. For example, some recommend that their rifles should be carried with the hammer down while the chamber is empty. Always remember to follow all the instructions from the Manual that comes with the rifle.

How to Aim a Rifle : How to shoot rifle accurately

How to Aim a Rifle : How to shoot a rifle accurately

Rifles can have different attachments and accessories to better your hunting experience. How to shoot rifle accurately and safely is also rely on how to aim a rifle. The sighting System of a rifle depends entirely on you and what you will be using your rifle for. There are three common sighting system which include open sights, scope sight and aperture sights. We shall discuss rifle aiming depending on these three sightings.

Aiming with aperture sights

Here there is a small ring fitted close to the shooter’s eye. When aiming with this kind of sight, you have to look through the ring focusing on the target.

The ring will blur until it is almost invisible, giving you focus entirely on your target. Centre different sight in the rear ring to get a correct sight on the target.

When you are at a closer distance to the target, you will require less sight precision. Aim the front sight under the point you want to strike with the bullet. Remember to shift your focus to the front sight before shooting.

Aiming with a scope sight

It is the best and simplest sighting on a rifle. With a scope, you can easily aim at any range, whether far or near. You can do this easily by aiming the cross hairs at the target and then firing. You need to have these three things in mind when aiming with a scope.

1. Proper eye relief

To get proper eye relief, bring the scope to your eye, make sure to center the field of view, and then move it slowly form your eye. It will reach a point that you will see a black ring forming around the field of view. Stop and see the distance from the back glass to your eye. That would be your eye relief.

2. Proper field of view

Make sure that the field of view completely fills the scope once you properly set it. Also, the bearest minimum black ring should be visible all the way around.

3. Proper stock cheek weld

When you get proper eye relief, repeatedly practice with your cheek weld on the stock of the rifle. This will give you a clear view of the field, and you will get accurate shots.

Aiming with open sights

Using open sights on your rifle is very simple, yet it can tend to be very difficult if you are not familiar with the rifle. With the open sights, you can aim using a notch as the rear sight. Aiming with open sights can be done in the following ways.

Set up the target at your preferred range between 50 yards and 100 yards. Make sure that the target is located in a secure environment. For example, in the woods with a hill behind it or at a shooting range.

Raise your gun so that you are able to see clearly through the rear post or the ring and then line up the front post directly in the center. If you are using a ring, circle your aiming point. If you are using a post, put the front post on your aiming point directly making sure that the point is sitting right on top of the post.

While making a shot, remember to focus on your front sight to see that it is aligned well. When making adjustments, turn the preferred appropriate direction to adjust your windage and elevation. You can use your finger or a tool to turn the screw. Whichever you choose to use, you will still be able to get proper adjustments. Remember the front sight is stationary; therefore, you are just dealing with your rear sight.

How to Properly Pull the Trigger

Properly pulling the trigger may not seem that much of a big deal to most rifle owners, but it can help you have total control on your rifle. Properly pull and control the trigger when firing by following these instructions.

Press the trigger gently and don’t just pull it with all the force you have. Only apply pressure to the front and not the sides of the trigger.

When you press the trigger, do so until your finger starts to feel resistance.

Continue to see the trigger to the rear until the rifle fires.

Standing In the Right Position

When it comes to how to shoot rifle accurately, you must learn the proper ways to position yourself before you shoot. Shooting accurately doesn’t only depend on the attachments and accessories that your rifle has, but also the way you choose to stand when firing.

The two common ways you can stand when you want to fire a rifle are bladed off stance and athletic stance (squared).

  • Bladed-off stance

Here all you have to do first is to identify whether you are right-handed or left-handed. The bladed-off stance where you position your weak shoulder to face the target.

It’s quite simple, if you are right-handed then that means your left shoulder is the weak one, therefore have it face towards the target. Likewise, if you are left-handed, then face your right shoulder towards the target.

This kind of stance is actually best for shooters who compete. If it is a tactical situation, this stance won’t be there best given the fact that you will be firing rapid shots with the limited muzzle rise.

  • Athletic stance

Hear all you have to do is to square your shoulders up with the target. Make sure to place your strong side foot 8 to 10 inches behind the weak side foot. Your feet shoulder-width should be apart on a straight line.

This type of stance will help to reduce the effects of recoil while shooting the rifle. Also, you can get to track a moving target with this kind of stance.

  • How to hold your rifle

Once you learn how to position your body before firing, it’s then time to learn how you can hold your rifle steadily. Here are some techniques.

  • Two-handed grip technique

One of the best ways to shoot accurately is when using this technique. If you want to learn how to use this technique, follow these instructions.

Take your rifle with your dominant hand to provide you with the best degree of security while shooting.

Place your ring, middle and pinky fingers around the base of your rifle just below the trigger.

Use your non-dominant hand to cover the uncovered portion of the grip. Place the thumb of your non-dominant hand just below the dominant hand thumb resting it against the frame.

When using this technique, you will reduce the rifle’s recoil and increase control.

  • Trigger hand grip

Here we shall look at holding a rifle with pistol grip and without a pistol grip.

Holding a rifle with pistol grip requires you to center the grip in the V. This is at the junction of the thumb as well as the index finger of your trigger hand. That you maintain a grip on the rifle on the back strap.

Holding a rifle without pistol grip to center the nook in the V at the junction of the thumb and index finger of your trigger hand. Here you must grip the rifle high on the Nook.

Press your cheek on the buttstock of your rifle

Placing the buttstock of the rifle pressed on your cheek will give you a steady grip on the rifle. Keep your head up at all times, and your chest high up for a perfect aim.

  • Determine the dominant eye

Knowing your dominant eye is very important for shooting accurately. You can know your dominant eye by forming a circle with your thumb and then push it towards your face and try looking through it with both eyes. Take time yo close one eye at a time while looking through the circle. The eye that won’t get strained when looking through the circle is the dominant eye.

Types of rifles

There are different types of rifles available on the market today. If you’re looking to learn rifle shooting tips, then you must also learn the types of rifles and what they are capable of. Let’s take a look at the most common ones.

Semi-automatic rifles

These are the types of rifles which fire a single bullet whenever a trigger is pulled. It automatically ejects the cartridge spent and then chambers are a new one from the magazine.

The current semi-automatic rifles are of lightweight hence easy to carry around and hold. The AR-15 is the most common semi-automatic rifle that most rifle owners go for.

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Bolt action rifles

These are rifles which require one to manually open the breach of the rifle to eject the spent cartridge. Once you’re done, you get to load a new cartridge and then close the breech.

Lever action rifles

These are rifles which use are a lever that is fitted around the trigger guard. The aim is to load new cartridges into the chamber of the barrel.

How to shoot a rifle – Conclusion

There you have all the rifle shooting tips that you may need at a shooting range or hunting grounds. Always remember that the best way you can master all these tips properly is through practice and also consulting a professional rifle handler. If you are a beginner at handling and don’t know How to Shoot a Rifle, we highly suggest that you visit a shooting range and work with an instructor to help you better with the entire beginning process.

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