Best Handgun Scope – The Ultimate Guide and Reviews

Choosing the best handgun scope for your need may seem like an easy task, considering a large number of scopes in the market. However, that is not true. When it comes to handgun scopes the task may not be as easy. This is because of the dynamics involved in the handgun shooting.

This is mainly because of the challenges that the handgun has to overcome as compared to their counterparts. For one the handgun scopes need a higher eye relief than other guns this is because of the distance at which a gun is typically held. Another challenge is the recoil. Handguns recoil differently as compared to rifles with the shock being absorbed by the gun.

This means that the scope has to be strong enough not to be knocked off by the for the recoil shock. The variables are immense and it may seem like a daunting task for you to get the ideal scope for your handgun. However, we have made it easy for you. Here below is a list of the best that the market has just for you.

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Best Handgun Scope Review

10 Best Handgun Scope

Best Handgun Scope

Just as the name suggests, this TRUGLO TFX Tritium and Fiber-Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights give you a true glow be it day or night. This scope comes with TFX sights that use Fiber optic technology that together with the bright and accurate Tritium ensure that the light in your scope glows brightly whether it is day or night. The sights design also provides a sight radius that is longer than average sights.

Accuracy is ensured when using these sights. This is because for one the illumination is present both day and night. Secondly, because of the illumination dot, you can accurately target your prey. The sights are not reliant on the batteries so it assures you a constant illumination power. Your target acquisition becomes quick and swift. No more wasted bullets.

To ensure that the light serves you well all through the illuminating elements are sealed inside a case. This case is extremely durable and cannot be destructed. It is resistant to shock and chemicals. The sights come with green optics that are found at the front and rear of the sights.

The gun scope is extremely durable this is because of the CNC-machined steel make up that is rust resistant. Also, the sights are built strong enough so that they can withstand the recoil force of your firearm. The fortress finish ensures that the sights are not prone to breakage.

It is a portable scope because of its compact size. Perfect for packing and can easily fit inside your pocket. It is designed in a way that makes the sights snag free.


  • The front sight ring is made with contrasting colours for fast focusing 
  • The notch is made in a U shape design that makes targeting quick and accurate
  • Allows for one hand operation as the rear sight edge is angled 
  • Sealed TFX capsule protects the Tritium and Fiber Optic elements
  • Sights are made from  durable CNC-machined steel


  • The glow may tend to be faded
  • The post is slightly larger than Glock cutout and may not fit

These are the go-to sights when you are looking for something with powerful and bright optics. This TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Front and Rear Handgun Sights provide bright aiming points whether it is day or at night time. The sights come with a triple dot aiming system that ensures that you quickly acquire your desired target.

The sights come with dual color fiber optics. The red and green optics come one at the front and one at the back. The dual rear green optics is perfect as they are not very harsh on your eyes. On the other hand, the red front optics is strong enough to maintain visibility even in low light conditions. On the rear, the sights feature a u-notch design.

You may be worried that using the sights may draw attention to your target. Well, you need not to worry. The optic fiber is concealed. This means that the target will not be able to spot you as you take aim.

The sights are extremely durable. This is because of their make-up. To begin with, the body is made of tough CNC-machined steel. Also, the sights are finished with a fortress coating. The coating ensures that the sights are not susceptible to rust. The optics themselves are encased in a non-destructible casing that ensures that no elements can get through. This gives the sights a longer life and they should be able to last you a long time.

This handgun scope is top of its range when it comes to portability. It is extremely compact. Versatility is also assured as the sights are able to fit most standard holsters. This is why some may refer to it as the best 22 pistol scope.


  • The scope comes with contrasting red and green optics 
  • Sights allow visibility even in low lighting because of the red optics
  • Optics are concealed for better target acquisition 
  • The sighs mount low so it does not interfere
  • Can be used on most standard holsters


  • Optics have to be professionally installed
  • The illumination may not be as bright

Sometimes you just need that one scope that will be the answer to all your prayers. Well the Simmons Pro Hunter may just be the answer to those prayers. To begin with this beautifully designed scope is masterpiece. It is easy on the eye, and very attractive. 

It is also extremely durable. This is because e of the build that is made to be shockproof and water proof. This means that the scope does not allow any water in. Its capability to easily absorb shock makes it hard to shatter or break.

Images are strikingly clear when using the simmons pistol scopes. This is because of the multi colored optics that is in-built. Also the optical glass is made of high quality material. When it comes to magnification this scope allows for a zooming distance of between 2 and 6 times the size of the object.

The scope provides an excellent field of view with its 32mm diameter lens. The lens that also provides enough light for clear images. The scope is also fog proof meaning that at no point come rain or shine will your view be obstructed by fog. This means that even far off objects can be optically pulled for a clear view. All these combine to provide you with a crystal clear optical image.

The Simmons scope is also top of its range when it comes to zero windage. This is because of its availability to withstand shocks that keep the zero stable using the True Zero technology. The technology allows for elevation and windage adjustments system that ensures a locked zero position despite any shocks.

This scope provides an easy and stable grip because of the raised tab at the power change ring. Also adjustment is precise making your shots accurate.


  • The scope comes with an illuminated Reticle for clear optics 
  • The scope is made of lightweight material
  • It is a very compact scope that does not take much space 
  • The scope boasts of a True Zero technology
  • The scope is easy to use and to set up


  • The eye relief may be too excessive for some
  • Elevation and windage adjustment knobs tend to be bulky 
  •  Focus ring may be a bit rigid to turn Focus ring may be a bit rigid to turn

Once again TRUGLO sets the trends when it comes to truly illuminating gun sights. This, as they say, has a visibility that is unmatched. Why? Because you can use this scope 24/7, with the same illumination quality. 

Yes, this means that whether you are hunting at noon or at midnight the laser will give you a strong illumination. You do not even need the power of batteries to make this work. Isn’t that just great? No batteries and no light exposure needed.

Unlike some of the sights which come with just one colour rear fiber, this TRUGLO- Ruger LC comes with two colour fibers, green and yellow. You just select which one works best for you. At the front of the scope, the bright green fibers are optimum for perfect target acquisition.

Durability and toughness are also witnessed in the construction of these sights. This is because the body is made of CNC-machined steel. This makes the scope strong. Additionally, the scope has been given a fortress finish. This ensures that the scope is not vulnerable to weather conditions. It keeps the scope rustproof thus lasting longer.

You will not have to worry about your buck getting away as soon as he spots the dot. This is because the fiber is artfully concealed. You can see it but the buck cannot. It is perfect for target acquisition. No more missed opportunities on the ground.

The scope is one to talk about when it comes to versatility. First, because of its universal abilities. The sights fit onto all standard holsters. So no matter your firearm, as long as it is in the standard category, you can use this scope. In essence, this means that you can use these sights on most firearms. 


  • Versatile as it fits all standard holsters 
  • Excellent visibility during the day or night
  • Durable as it is made from CNC-machined steel 
  • Has a fortress finish the keeps rust at bay increasing durability
  • The optical fiber is concealed making for better target acquisition


  • Sights may have a low mounting and not shoot straight 
  • Fibers may not be as secured and may fall off on impact

This TRUGLO TFX Tritium and Fiber-Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights define what true glow is. This is because of their ability to give optimum glow be it day or night. The sights assure of giving you the optimum brightness. This is because the sights are constructed using Swiss tritium that is high quality and provides maximum brightness. 

The sights glow in the dark to provide an added advantage when it comes to target acquisition. Best of all, the sights do not need any batteries to give you this awesome service. Great, right?

You are probably calculating the possibility of losing your targets after hearing about all this awesome illumination. But that is a futile venture. The fiber of the scope is cleverly concealed. This means that the target will not be able to spot the light even when staring directly in its path.

Speaking of accuracy, these sights are some of the most accurate you can find. To begin with, the U-notch Design gives you an edge when it comes to swift and accurate target acquisition. Also, the wonderful optics which glows at all times increase your probability for accuracy.

The durability of your scope is a much-desired trait. That is why TRUGLO ensured that this scope is one that will last you a long time and give you your money’s worth. For one, it is made from tough CNC-machined steel. This means that it is tough and the probability of it breaking is zero. The fact that the scope is given a fortress finish ensures that the scope remains rust free. it is also not susceptible to the weather changes.

And when you suddenly stumble upon an emergency, you do not need to worry. The sights are angled at the back to allow for one hand emergency operation.


  • Optimum visibility during the day and at night
  •  U-notch design increases the accuracy in target acquisition
  • Provides for single hand operation with its rear sight edge angled position
  • Concealed fiber keeps targets in the dark
  • No batteries required for illumination
  • Fortress finish provides protection against rust


  • The Sights have to be professionally installed
  •  May not properly fit some guns

There is nothing as wonderful as having a maximum field of view as you are out hunting. I mean the vastness of the terrain is yours to see. It may seem impossible, I know. But it is possible, with the Twod 1x22mm 5 MOA Red Green Dot Sight. Not only does it allow you an unlimited field of view, but it also gives you unlimited eye relief. This gives you a total field engagement. It doesn’t come better than that.

You are able to control the brightness of your laser beam whenever you are out hunting. This is a unique feature not found in most of the sights in the market. The sights come with a rheostat that can be adjusted using just a finger. This will enable you to control the amount of brightness of the red/green dot.

Clarity is on point when using this spectacular dot sight. For one the optics are fully Multi-Coated. This means that images are crisp and clear. Even a speck of dust can be seen through the sights. Secondly, the optics come with an anti-glare coat on one lens surface.

This greatly reduces the loss of light and reflection. This, in the long run, increases image contrast and ultimately offering a brighter higher quality image. The scope gives a sharp 5.0 MOA Dot Sight. You can select between the red or green dot to increase accuracy. The scope is also fog proof. This means it will give clear images even under foggy conditions.

The scope is durable as it is made from premium material. Durability is enhanced by the fact that the scope is resistant to shock, and dust proof. It will not easily break or dent from the recoil shock. It is also not prone to rust.

It can be used on most firearms including handguns, shotguns, pistols, rimfire rifles etc. it is also preferred for use as one of the best Bushnell handgun scopes.


  • Unlimited field of view and eye relief for total field engagement 
  • Finger adjustable brightness control for accuracy
  • Compact and lightweight for better gun control and accuracy 
  • Durable and weather resistant making the scope long lasting
  • Fully multi- coloured optics for clear images


  • The scope sits a bit low which may not be optimum to use on some guns
  • Scope may not be able to hold zero very well

In general, handgun scopes require more shock proofing than the other guns. This is because all the shock of the recoil is borne by the gun. That is why you need a scope that is absolutely shockproof if it is to last a long time. The Shockproof 532nm offers just that.

This shockproof ability ensures maximum durability of the scope. Additional durability comes in the form of the material makeup of the scope. Made from high-grade aluminum, the scope is assured to give a long life of service. The aluminum is not only tough but it is also not prone to rust. This means that the scope can be used in all kinds of weather conditions.

The scope has adjustment caps which are very easy to use. The caps placement also make them convenient and durable. This is because the caps are placed under. This means they are not easily affected by the weather extremities.

Hunting during the day or night is made easy by the illumination provided. The laser light is visible for up to 300ft during the day. The vision is even better at night. You can be able to see up to 1000ft. that makes a good scope for both day and night hunting.

The scope is versatile. Its brackets are nicely made. In fact, it can be used on all standard guns that have rails or barrels. The scope can be mounted alone or as an alternative, it can be mounted onto a Picatinny mount.

The ease of use makes this a well-loved scope. It is easy to install and use. From novices to professionals all can use this scope with ease. Switching the laser on and off is a breeze, all in the click of a button. It can be done manually or remotely making it extremely convenient. 


  • Durable and tough as it is made from premium quality aluminum 
  • The powerful laser provides illumination both day and night
  • Easy to use for both beginners and professionals
  • Versatile can be used on all standard guns
  • Easy elevation and windage adjustments


  • You may need to replace the batteries for stronger ones
  • May not hold zero very well 

This unique gun scope is a true epitome of what versatility means. This is because this gun sights has the ability to accommodate various types of guns. It works pretty well with not only handguns but also pistols that have a 20mm Picatinny rail. This means the S&W SD9VE, the Taurus Millenium G2, the Ruger SR-22 to mention but a few. Some even argue that this could be the best burris pistol scopes.

Simplicity of use is also a fact that is well seen when using this scope. It is easy to install. No complicated procedures need for installation. The windage and elevation adjustments are super easy to use, and are precise not to mention the on /off switching which is child’s play.

Optical clarity is another good thing about this scope. The laser light is visible at all times. Whether you choose to hunt in the day or maybe just at sundown, you will be equally pleased with the results. The laser will lead you to get quick acquisitions of your targets. The red dot pointing will help you increase your accuracy leading to better shots. No more worrying about wasted shots.

When it comes to its construction, this scope is one durable item. To begin with it is made of a aircraft grade aluminum material. The aluminum makes the scope strong as it does not easily break. Additionally the aluminum is treated to ensure that the scope is not affected by rusting. This mean even after prolonged use your scope will remain as good as new. Quite an investment it is.


  • Elevation and windage adjustments available 
  • Simple and easy to install and use
  • Laser scope comes with all the essentials needed for use 
  • Versatile as it can be used for guns and pistols with a 20mm Picatinny rails
  • Durable and long lasting as it is made from premium quality aluminum
  •  Compact and lightweight as the aluminum material is lightweight


  • Laser may tend to be shaky after a few uses
  • The on off switch button may intermittently malfunction

Every gun holder would love a scope the will last him through the many seasons of shooting. That is why Twod came up with this long-lasting versatile handgun scope just for you. When talking about durability you better believe that this scope will stay strong through the seasons. 

It is made from high-quality aluminum material. This means that it is not easily prone to breakages. It is also not easily prone to getting damaged by the weather vulgarities.

It is specially made to ensure that the aftershock of the recoil action does not affect it in any way. It is vibration resistant and this means that it is also shockproof. This means that this scope can also be used on real caliber.

When it comes to accuracy, you will not have to guess. This scope provides you with the accuracy you need to hit your targets spot on. This is because the scope has windage and elevation adjustment. Additionally, the crosshairs are illuminated. This ensures that whether day or night shooting is precise. The fact that this scope uses the crosshairs instead of the traditional notch base and front sight aiming speed ensures that speed and accuracy are increased.

The exterior of the scope is plated with a special anti-reflection surface. So you do not have to worry about giving your location away as you hunt. 

The scope is easy to use. This is because it comes with a removable Picatinny Rail. It also has an easy to operate the on-off switch. It is also compact and lightweight because of the aluminum material used in construction.


  • Durable and long-lasting as it is made of premium aluminum material 
  • The scope is anti-vibration and Shock resistant thus lasts longer
  • Optical clarity is assured even in foggy weather as it is fog- resistant
  • Anti-glare coating makes easy camouflage of the gun
  • The scope is low profile


  • Laser tends not to hold zero compromising accuracy 
  • Screws tend to come off easily

Now here comes an extremely easy to use handgun scope that is worth your money. The Pinty Compact Tactical Red Laser Sight is easy to use because of its added features. The scope comes with a 20mm Picatinny rail that makes attachment a breeze. This scope is versatile as it can be used with most of the handguns in the market. 

This makes it one of the best handgun scopes there is in the market. Accuracy is assured when using this scope. This is because the scope uses laser technology. Using this technology; you can quickly and accurately acquire your targets especially in close range. The use of the red dot ensures that you get your targets spot on. 

This scope can be used during the day and even at night, this is because of the laser beam that will guide you to acquire your target without too much effort on your side. No more lost shots as you get to shoot whatever you aim at. In case you do not wish to use the laser light all you have to do is switch it off with the click of a button. 

To maximize its accuracy, the scope allows for easy adjustment of the elevation and windage. The Scope also comes with a wench to make the adjustment easy. Also, the scope has a low profile. This means that it provides o interference.

Durability is also a feature of this Pinty Compact scope. The scope itself is made of aluminium casting that has been proven to be tough and long-lasting. It is not susceptible to weather changes and does not rust. The scope is compact and lightweight. This is because of e of its miniature size and aluminium body.


  • Durable and long-lasting as it is made from premium material
  • Compact and lightweight increases gun stability and accuracy
  • Comes with wenches for adjusting the windage and elevation
  • Versatile as it attaches to pistols and handguns with a  Picatinny rail (20mm).
  • Accurate target acquisition using the red dot laser light


  • Loctite needed for the adjustment screws
  • Laser housing tends to project forward

Best Handgun Scope - Buying Guide

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Handgun Scope

By the time you are reading this you probably have made up your mind to get a handgun scope for your gun. However, you are not sure how to go about this. Well, we got you. We have looked into the most important factors and carefully explained the nitty-gritty. So read on for a guide on what you need to consider when selecting the best handgun scope for your needs.


When selecting the right handgun scope for you, it is important to first consider the primary use of the scope. Is your handgun for use in self-defense, is your gun for hunting or maybe you are just one of those fans of target practice. A good example is that a self-defense gun need not have a scope as this will deter rather than enhance your efforts. When selecting a scope for hunting, keep in mind distance and density of the bush if any. 

Magnification and scope

In general, scopes come made with different magnifications. The magnification of the scope is usually indicated on the left with a symbol”x” which denotes the number of times that the object can be magnified. 4x indicates that the scope allows for a magnification of four times the size of the object.

For leisure or target practice a scope with a magnification of between 3.5x and 9x is ideal. For offhand shooting, a magnification of at least 10x is acceptable. When it comes to the scope it will depend on whether you prefer a fixed or variable scope. Usually, fixed scopes are mostly used for mid-range shooting. They are also usually used with most basic rifles. On the other hand, variable scopes are most commonly used with full-scale rifles.

Weather resistance

It’s no secret that the weather is one of the most unpredictable elements. This means at one time or another you may find yourself caught up in the rain or snow. This is why when selecting the best handgun scope to ensure that you select one that is resistant to the weather extremities. It is important to note that not all scopes are designed for outdoor use. This is why a weather resistant scope is handy whether indoors or outdoors. 

Objective Lens Diameter

The objective lens diameter is the size of the glass at the end of the scope. It is denoted by the number after the zoom length of the lens. E.g. 3-5x20 indicates that the lens diameter is 20mm. This diameter usually determines the size of the body of the scope.

The lens diameter plays an important role in determining the amount of light that the scope is able to let in. the larger the diameter, the more that light that can come in. however, it is important to note that magnification or zoom capacity may inversely affect the light that comes in.

Eye relief

Eye relief is the distance between the point of placement of your eye and the scope. This meant the point at which you can comfortably place your eye for viewing. It is advisable to get a scope with good eye relief. This means that the higher the distance the better.

A good eye relief will prevent you from getting what is referred to as the “scope eye”. This is a mark that remains around your eye as the recoil action forces the scope to hit your eye. Most scopes have a relief of at least four inches with other having a higher eye relief. So before purchasing a scope for your handgun ensure you know the eye relief.

Parallax Correction

Some rifles allow the use of a parallax correction Knob. This Knob basically works by aiding your calibration of what is called the "adjustable objectives.". This ensures that you will be able to get the best shot at the distance that you are at. Thus before purchasing a scope for your handgun, you need to keep in mind whether you would like your gun to have the ability for parallax correction.

Frequently Asked Questions on Handgun Scope

Q. What is the best magnification for a handgun scope?

A. Different scopes come with different magnifications. There is no standard magnification for a handgun scope. The ideal magnification will depend on your individual needs. This will be dependent on the kind of shooting activity that you are engaged in. however, it is advisable to use low magnification for short range shooting. Medium range shooting is best done with a medium range magnification while for long range shooting it is advisable to use high magnification scopes.

Q. What size of objective lens do I need?

A. The objective lens size is a major determinant of the size of your field of view and also the amount of light that can come through your scope. The size of the objective lens that will require will be determined by the activity that you are involved in. Ideally, a small objective lens is more suitable for target shooting and game hunting. A bigger objective lens is preferred for moving targets.

Q. What is the ideal size of Rings for my scope?

A. Scopes come in different sizes and heights depending on their make. Sizes vary from low to extra high. This being the case, the size of the rings will depend on the make of the scope that you are mounting on your gun. The rule of thumb here is to make sure that you mount your scope as close as you can to the gun yet making sure that the scope does not touch the gun.

Best Handgun Scope - Final Words

Unlike the normal rifle scopes, handgun scopes come with other features that make them more resilient. When selecting a scope for your handgun, ensure that you get one that is specifically made for handguns. Generally, handgun scopes are made to be more shock resistant to be able to accommodate the force of the recoil that is all borne by the gun.

Additionally, they come with generous eye relief considering the distance at which the guns are held in comparison to the other guns. That is why we took the time to select the best handgun scope in the market to make your selection easy. Our scopes are tested and proven. Pick a scope from our collection and you will not regret.

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