How To Zero a Scope without Firing- A Complete Step-By-Step Guide


Wouldn’t you like to know how to zero a scope without firing? Well, you should know that it is important especially if you just bought yourself a new rifle or a scope. You don’t have to worry about your scope of being cheap or expensive. What is important is learning the basic adjustments needed for the sight to get accurate shots.Although there are various types of rifle scopes on the market zeroing them will require the same process. Therefore, don’t worry about the type of rifle scope you have. Below we will detail the steps and some ways without firing.

how to zero a scope

What you will need to zero your scope without firing ?

Before you begin the zeroing process there are some things that you have to keep in mind. Also, there are things you will require for the process. Let’s take a look at them below.

Mount your scope

Before anything ensure that you mount the scope on the rifle so that you can aim correctly. Proper mounting will allow you to look through the scope to get precision on the target or mounting of the scope will make the entire process useless. You will need the following tools to install your scope correctly.

To begin the installation start by soaking the cleaning patches in rubbing alcohol do away with oil from the receiver. Doing this will cure the Loctite. Screw the Rings to the bases. Make sure that they are not tightly screwed at this point.

Now make some adjustments by using the calipers first deal with elevation and then tighten the screws. Once you are done fix the scope and then check the rifle if it is aligned equally.

How to zero a rifle scope at 100 yards?

The first thing you require is get a target. Zeroing your rifle scope correctly at a distance of 100 yards will require you to have an immobile target. This target is what you will use to compare the adjustments.

This is why you need an immobile target to know if you are doing the right thing or adjusting the right way. Otherwise, a moving target will keep changing positions and you’ll end up messing up. The target should be at least 25 to 100 yards away. We suggest you get a bulls-eye target.

Laser or any other bore sighter you can acquire

The laser is very essential in this process because you want to be using any ammunition. The laser is necessary to improve your shooting skills. In case you do not own a scope yet, then we suggest you buy one with an inbuilt laser.

You will need a mount or a rest for your rifle.

You will have to place your gun in an immobile position. Doing this will keep you on target as any misplacement will require you to repeat the whole process. You can choose to use sandbags or books as a rest for the gun.

How to zero a scope without firing – a step-by-step guide

In other words we can say how to sight in a rifle scope without a bore sight? To zero your scope without firing will require dedication, patience and focus. The following steps will explain to you how to sight in a rifle scope without a bore sight. You must be follow all the steps carefully and make sure that you don’t miss a step.

Step 1. Place the target

Get your bulls-eye target and place it at the distance we mentioned above. You can also opt to choose any distance you prefer that you’re comfortable with or one where you can quickly adjust the target.

Step 2. Re-check your rifle placement

As we mentioned it is very essential position the rifle in an immobile position. If you are not sure how you can do then let’s take you through it. Get your rifle and fix it on a mount to make it stable and immobile.

In case you don’t have a Mount then try fixing some books underneath the rifle. You can choose anything to rest the rifle on so that it can mount it. Want to repeat zeroing due to errors.

Step 3. Insert the laser

If your scope does not have an inbuilt laser that means you’ll have to buy one. Make sure that the laser you are to buy is compatible with your rifle. Since rifles are different that way the laser will be inserted differently on each model.

You can install some at barrel edge while others in your rifle’s chamber. When you finish installing the laser, turn it on and ensure that the laser dot is perfectly in the middle of the bulls eye.

The laser comes with benefits especially if you are zeroing the scope without shooting. It can show the final destination of the bullet if it is to be shot. Using a laser is the ideal way of zeroing your rifle scope without firing.

Step 4. Equaling reticle

Lastly, settle the rifle scope along with the reticle’s target point. Now make sure to make it equal to the laser dot on that target. You will have zeroed the scope without necessarily firing.

Other methods of zeroing a scope without firing

Bore sighting and zeroing  

You may ask yourself how to bore sight a rifle? There are several ways to bore sight and zeroing a rifle. They are as follows:

Zeroing by visual bore sight

Visual boresight site has been used for centuries and it is the oldest method of zeroing a scope without firing. This method doesn’t require you to have some special devices and it is quite simple to achieve. All you need is Focus and patience. Follow these steps to zero your rifle scope with a visual boresight.

Step 1. Place the rifle in a steady position

Use a gun rest to ensure that your gun is secured for example use some books or a sandbag for stability.

Step 2. Now get the bolt from the rifle. With your dominant eye left open look through the middle bore.

Step 3.  Mark your target at 100 yards. Now look through the bore again and try to see the target.

Step 4. Without moving the rifle try and sight the target through the scope.

Step 5. Finally, Once you sight the target through the scope, you can now tighten the rifle knob with the target positioned through the cross-hairs of the scope. Once you achieve this you are good to go.

Zeroing with optic bore sight

This is another device you can install into the rifle to zero your scope without shooting. Just like the laser this too can be attached in the barrel of the rifle. When you install the optic align it with your rifle scope.

Now look through that lens grid and then adjust the crosshair so that it matches the middle grid. Once you achieve this you are all set. Remember that this process requires you to do some small adjustments and you have to be very careful.

Zeroing with magnetic bore sight

This is another device you can use to zero your rifle scope. It comes with a magnet that holds the device to the rifles muzzle. The magnetic boresight doesn’t require you to attach anything to the barrel. It is good because you can match all types of caliber as well as gauges.

The boresight is ideal if you have used your rifle for long or after the rifle suffers hard drops. You only have to fix the device to the muzzle of your gun using the powerful magnets.

Why you should zero your scope?

Zeroing your rifle scope without shooting comes with an advantage. It will help you save money which you will have spent on buying ammunition. That way you can also save ammunition.

When practicing how to zero an air rifle scope without shooting you can end up firing so many bullets. In case you don’t master the zeroing process fast, you’ll end up spending lots of money on ammunition as well as wasting ammunition itself.

Wild zeroing in your scope without shooting is good let’s see how zeroing while firing is also beneficial.

When you zero with your scope you don’t only get to shoot accurately but also you can figure out if your rifle has some problems with your shooting technique.

You can get to determine the best distance you can aim at accurately based on the weapon you use and your skills.

It also gives you the confidence to shoot accurately. When you zero your scope while shooting you get that confidence that didn’t have before.

How to sight in a red dot scope without shooting?

A red dot sight is basically an optic that built on a red laser reticle. Studying on how to sight in a red dot scope without shooting is simple if someone follow the steps chronologically. The steps are as follows:

Install the scope but keep it loose. Then, adjust the scope as long as you have the proper eye relief, that means, keep the distance between your scope and your eye in a comfortable position.

Put the rifle in a solid and secure surface to keep it steady.

Line up the red laser reticle with the target. You can do this with collimator or with a laser bore sighter.

Switch on the laser bore sighter and adjust the laser beam pointing at the middle of your target. You can try bulls eye target adjustment method. The laser will point you precisely where the bullet will hit on the target board.

When you are happy with scope adjusting it is time to tighten up the scope.

You must know that your success on learning how to sight in a red dot scope without shooting is purely depends on pointing and hitting the bulls eye, so keep that in mind while you follow the steps.

It is true that you can sight a red dot scope more easily in compare to others like iron sights or magnified optics. Secondly, red dot sighting radically decrease parallax problem. So utilize this advantageous features.


Learning how to zero a scope without firing is very important. The entire process is also simple regardless of the method you choose to use. It isn’t a fancy thing to do if you get to focus on it in the right way. Practice is the key here and you shouldn’t give up on the first try. You will need to put in effort in order to master the skills of zeroing your rifle scope without firing. As we mentioned you will save money and ammunition when you zero without shooting. Also, you can choose to try all the methods if you want to improve your skills better and get great results as well. Remember to stay focused, dedicated, and patient as you zero your scope without shooting. We hope this guide has been helpful to you and we wish you all the best.

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