Ultimate List of Squirrel Hunting Gears


When hunting squirrels, you might probably wonder which gear to carry and which to leave behind. It is important to ensure that you have the right squirrel hunting gears so that you can enjoy a successful hunting session. I have made this guide to provide you with a list of essential items that you should have in your squirrel hunting bag.

squirrel hunting gears

The Ultimate List of Squirrel Hunting Gears

Make sure you have the following items when going for your next squirrel hunting trip.

1. Hunting Binoculars

Hunting during winter can be easily done using binoculars since most leaves will have fallen and you will easily see the squirrels. Having a lightweight binoculars will help you to trace and scan the squirrel greatly. This will increase your field of view giving better chances to spot your prey. Thus making binoculars a very good winter squirrel hunting gear.

You need to be very familiar with your hunting grounds if you want to go home with more squirrels. What I mean by this is, you need to know what kind of squirrels you are hunting either the red squirrels which are commonly found on trees or the grey squirrels, you will get them on the grounds during your hunting. Apart from winter, in other seasons, binocular is also required for hunting.

If you taking a stand in a tree branch keeping a distance from squirrels movement, you definitely require this gear before you make your kill shot.

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2. Boots and a Camouflage Jacket

Let me mention this, there might be other numerous clothing to use during squirrel hunting here are the best option. A pair of boots and a camo jacket. Remember, when you use camouflage clothing, chances of the squirrel spotting you will be very minimal.

Boots will keep your feet warm. If it is windy or a bit cold for you, you can wear some warm clothes as well under the Camouflage Jacket.

This hunting gears will make your hunting enjoyable, professional and fruitful. You will need to dress light and comfortable during your hunting days because it will make you less exhausted.

A squirrel hunting vest for this case can come in handy. It is lightweight, easy to clean and dry. For squirrel hunting vests you will always choose a comfortable one, which properly fits you and most important a vest that will camouflage your hunting surroundings.

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Remember your Camouflage must be made of proper materials, I mean, for winter squirrel hunting your Camouflage should be made of fabric and for other season made of mash.

3. Squirrel Hunting Backpack

Hunting backpack is one of the important hunting gears and it will aid you in storing things you will need throughout the day. Things like your fully charged smartphone, binoculars, water and snacks among others. You will need a bag big enough to hold all your necessities.

Squirrel hunting bag should as well be camouflage since the same squirrels will spot it and it will disappear in the air.  In this case, the squirrel hunting backpack can serve the same good purpose.

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4. Squirrel Carriers

At the end of your hunting mission you need to carry your harvested squirrel back home. A small game carrier will be among the hunting gears that you must drop in your bag.  This will be so useful after finishing your hunt , you will carry it with your squirrels by hanging their head using this tool.

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Small game clip squirrel will also be useful after the hunt. You hold the squirrel firmly on it and hung on your belt as you cut along the bushes when heading home. It can carry more than one squirrel at a go. Small game clip holder, this you can use to clip on the trousers or on the belt and the squirrel will hang on. It’s a very essential tool when you are in day long hunting journey.

There are some upland game vest available in the market that have one big pouch on the back where you can put your harvested game along with some gears in different pockets.

One other important thing you require is plastic bags, keep as much as possible. After killing a squirrel put it straight way in a plastic bags, wrap it and then put it on small game carrier. Thus it will keep your game carrier or back pack clean from bloodstain.

This bags will also be essential if you want to carry something, apart from squirrels, from your hunting ground to home. For example, fall mushrooms, blackberries, persimmons, walnuts, any wet or dirty clothes (in case you change somewhere).  

5. Rifles or guns

If you are thinking of squirrel hunting, no matter what season you are in, you definitely need rifles or guns for the kill. Because bow is not a good option at all. There are three options I can recommend if you looking for a gun or rifle for squirrel hunting.


Hunters like shotguns in squirrel hunting because even if you do not have a perfectly aimed shot, you can end up hitting a squirrel. So you can kill a running squirrel or a squirrel hiding behind a bush, if you have a shot gun. So killing squirrel using shotgun is less complicated and relaxing.

 But, using shotgun means you have to take the shots from very close range and eventually shotgun shell produce lot of pellets that spoil the dead or injured squirrel’s meat. Though you may avoid the meat spoilage by using .410 gauge range shot gun.    

Rimfire Rifles

A large number of hunters love .22 caliber rifle with a decent scope. People chose this rifle because this rifle is capable of long distance shooting. So you can take a perfectly aimed shot from a long distance, it can be a tree stand or a ground, where squirrel cannot see you.

You can make a quick repeat shot with this rifle, so if your first shot is precise you may have a chance to kill two or more squirrel in one shift. A perfect head shot can cause you less meat damage, if you even hit the body it will not ruin the meat like shot gun does.

But by this rifle, hitting a moving squirrel form a long distance is challenging, a statistic target will assure you high percentage of success.   

Air Rifles

Now a days some hunter prefers air rifle for squirrel hunting. Because it is easy to reload, quieter (than .22 caliber rifle or shotgun) and precise. So if you think of stealthily squirrel hunting then air rifle can be your option.  Air rifle can be found in both .177 and .22 caliber.

Before you buy one of them, keep in mind that your air rifle is designed to make a very accurate and consistent shots. Gamo, Benjamin, or Crosman are some of the brands that manufacture good air rifles.

Whatever rifle or gun you choose, make sure you take enough ammo in your backpack for your firearm, to finish your hunting quest.

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6. Water and Snacks

Your preferred foods (snacks) with lots of water is a must in every season. You can add some soda or orange juice in hot weather, and can carry hot drinks like coffee or tea in winter. Having some fruits like apple or orange with you is also a good choice. 

7. ThermaCELL and Bug Spray

They will help you to keep your ground or tree stand area, which means, area of operation mosquito and bug free. But the good news is in winter squirrel hunting you do not need ThermaCELL and Bug Spray.

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8. First Aid Kit

You must keep some kits with you for emergency first-aid. In case any fatal or non-fatal injury occurs by accident, so you should keep everything required in order to stop bleeding and have some emergency pain killer if possible.

9. No. 550 Para cord

At least ten feet 550 Para cord or some other quality Para cord/ hybrid rope/ string. You may need this essential item in any planned or unplanned hunting situations.

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10. Knife

In any hunting scenario you should have a knife. You need to field dressing your squirrel to prevent meat spoilage and I am sure you do not want that, right?

Though in winter squirrel hunting, having knife in your backpack may not be that much essential. Because, for couple of hours, you do not need field dressing of your harvested game animal since the cold weather will keep the squirrel meat fresh.

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11. Lens-Cleaning Wipes

If you wear glasses, you using rifle scope or a binocular , you always need lens cleaning wipes. You can find this your nearest Walmart store or online store like Amazon. They are cheap but indispensable.  

In winter squirrel hunting you will also need this wipes, when your rifle scope or a binocular scope get foggy.  

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12. Lightweight Pack-able Rain Poncho

Now a days, because of the technology, weather forecast is almost accurate. You do know which days and even when their will be rain in your hunting area. But sometimes you might forget to check weather forecast or your smartphone is out of network so you cannot instant check whether there will be rain or not.

So my suggestion always keep a lightweight packable Rain Poncho in your backpack, just be prepared for sudden rain. It is very light, so put it in a small corner of your hunting backpack.

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In winter still hunting, it may also keep you warmer from a sudden snowfall, when you are short of warm clothes.

13. Smartphone

Always keep a fully charged smartphone for emergencies. It has trackers, maps, necessary apps, and you also can take photos of your hunting surroundings and harvested game animals. It will save you from carrying a DSLR and lose some extra weight in your backpack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you need to squirrel hunt? 

At any given time, this will be a crucial question to ask yourself.Everybody’s need is different but in general for squirrel hunting you may require Binocular, Boots, camouflage jackets, hunting backpacks, squirrel carrier, plastic bags, rifle/ guns, ammunition for your firearm, first aid kits, paracord, lens cleaning wipes, lightweight packable Rain Poncho, water, snacks, ThermaCELL and Bug Spray, knife,  smartphone etc.

In winter squirrel hunting, special boots to keep your feet warm, camouflage jackets (mostly white) suitable for snow or winter conditions is required. Though you don’t need ThermaCELL , Bug Spray or knife.   

After having all the necessary gears with you during your hunt, it will increase your chances of a successful hunt to one hundred percent.

What is the best caliber for squirrel hunting?

This question you should always ask yourself after you spot the squirrel because here we are talking about the meat you are taking home. After a full day of hunting, you would love to take the whole package home.

So it would be wise if you go for 22lr (also called .22), it is amazing, you will end up loving its deeds. .22 is the best caliber for squirrel hunting. Because it allows you to make a perfect long distance head shot which will eventually do less meat spoilage of such small game animal. If you even make a body shot, it will not ruin the meat like shot gun or other rifle does. Furthermore, you can do multiple shots from one stand and squirrels cannot see your position because of long distance.     

Should you wear camo when squirrel hunting? 

I say yes, it will clearly make a huge difference in your hunting success. Because squirrels have pretty good eye sight like deer and duck, while you find them remember they will see you too. So a camo outwear will help you to blend in the woods and helps you to get enough time to take your rifle shot.

Furthermore, in winter squirrel hunting both hunters and squirrel is exposed and visible in the woods because the tree leaves are fallen to the ground. So in winter Camouflage Jacket in more essential. 


Squirrel hunting can be really disappointing making you back home unhappy and empty-handed if you don’t have the right squirrel hunting gears. This can be because the squirrel is a very observant creatures. If you do not keep ready for the hunt and keen enough, they will just bypass you. For a hunt to yield success it requires more discipline, accuracy and using all tactics you have.

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