How to Fix Double Vision in Binoculars? A Pro Guide With Necessary Tools

There are various problems that you might encounter when using binoculars. One of the significant issues is experiencing double vision.

The problem occurs when your lenses are out of the entrance of direct light. If you are probably thinking of fixing double vision in binoculars, you are on the right page.

Besides, when you find it challenging to make focus on your binoculars, it can frustrate you. Fixing this problem might be hectic. Therefore, the following section consists of steps that will make the process easier.

Let us have a look at how to fix double vision on binoculars.

how to fix double vision in binoculars

Gather all the Necessary Tools

It is the first important step you need to consider. In this step, you will gather all the essential tools to enhance fixing double vision in binoculars. The list of supplies you will need include –

  • Cardboard
  • Screwdrivers
  • A tape
  • A sharp-pointed pen knife
  • Black marker
  • A scale
  • Small screwdrivers
  • Measuring scale
  • Binoculars

Start Fixing Double Vision in Binoculars- With 13 Method

After gathering all the tools that will facilitate the process, you now fix it.

  • Locate All the Adjustment Screws

First, you need to check to locate all the adjustment screws. You can consider using the manufacturer’s manual if you are unaware of the adjustment screw’s location.

In most instances, you will find out the screw’s position is under a plastic material. It is because it prevents users from knocking adjustment screws out of place by accident.

The design makes it hard for one to find the screws. Therefore, if you have a binocular repair manual, look for a diagram that indicates the placement of the adjustment screws. It makes the process pretty straightforward.

  • Carefully Detach the Plastic Casing

You need to remove the housing to avoid causing damages carefully. Check around the place and make sure that it is safe to remove the plastic casing before proceeding.

  • Remove the Stick Surface Around the Eyepiece

If you want to find the horizontal screws quickly, you first need to peel off the eyepiece’s sticky surface.

In most binoculars, you find the horizontal screws at the back rim of the device.

Once you see them, use a small pointed pen knife or a scalpel to cut off the edge’s adhesive material.

First, it is essential to directly begin with the area directly to the eyepiece as you move towards the binoculars.

You will find a screw between the outside corner and the center of the tool.

  • Find the Vertical Screws

The screws are located evenly with the front focus knob of the tool. You should use the same procedure you used when finding the horizontal screws.

During this time, remove the adhesive on either side of the binocular.

  • Test the Collimation

Once you are done with the adjustment screws, mount the device on a stand to check out for collimation.

If you want to fix the binocular focus problem correctly, then ensure that the binoculars are in a much steady position.

Thus, always make sure that the device is on a tripod or stand during adjustments.

  • Test the Binoculars

After that, you need to test the binoculars to establish the double vision problem. It is essential to check it at night when the sky has various targets; you can focus.

Furthermore, you can do this during the daytime. You can use a stable object that is about 1 km away.

Additionally, you can use cardboard, make some marks with a scale using a marker, and use it to test for collimation.

  • Aim on the Brightest Object

You should aim and point the binoculars towards the brightest object you can see.

Then make a perfect focus as you can and ensure that the device stays in the same position. Since there is collimation, you will see two targets instead of one.

  • Defocus the Right Lens

It is one of the essential ways on how to adjust binoculars with double vision. It enhances the adjustment of the collimation and makes the process pretty easy.

You can ensure that your left eye is closed as a turn and defocus the right lens.

  • Center the Images

Always make sure that you center the images to facilitate the process.

If you find out that the binoculars are out of the collimation, it won’t be easy to line up the targets.

You should probably adjust the collimation and ensure the lens is unfocused to enhance adjustments.

  • Adjusting the Collimation

Fixing double vision in binoculars is significant during adjustments. Start by turning each adjustment screw slightly and slowly as you pay attention to changes in the images.

You should keep in mind that all the screws will turn prisms in various directions, which will affect the collimation.

Using a small screwdriver, turn it about 1/8 inches to the right and back using a measuring scale. Repeat this for both screws.

  • Tighten the Horizontal Screw

It is always right and proper, to begin with, the horizontal screws. Additionally, horizontal screws tend to fall out of the alignment as compared to the vertical ones.

Then with the use of a screwdriver, tighten the screw until the images come closer. Moreover, ensure that they are halfway to their original size.

  • Work on the Vertical Side

Once you are done with the horizontal screws, move to the vertical screws. Turn one screw slowly and check if you will notice a clear image.

If you see a clear vision, then you are perfect with how to focus binoculars.

All you need to do is turn the screw to achieve a halfway clear image of the target. Always ensure that the photos are at the center.

  • Cross-Check for Clear Images

Do a quick check to ensure that the binoculars are working well. You can refocus the right lens and find out if the image looks better.

If the picture is clear and centered, that means that the double vision problem is gone. Turn the knobs back to their rightful position.

Final Words

By now, you will have gone through the hypocrisy and assembly of your binoculars. How to fix double vision in binoculars is effortless as per the above steps.

Besides, binoculars are great tools, so you should probably take good care of them to avoid double vision problems.

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