Vortex Optics Crossfire ii 2-7×32 review


Are you looking for a high-quality scope with quality features and it will not break your bank? Then consider purchasing on the crossfire ii. This product is very popular among many hunters and shooters. This vortex optics crossfire ii 2-7×32 scout scope is the best choice because it can suit both the beginners and also those who are more experienced marksmen or even hunters. Check the vortex crossfire ii 2-7×32 rimfire review to understand what this scope can bring and also their features.



Vortex crossfire ii 2-7x32mm Features

vortex crossfire ii 2-7x32

Best magnification settings

Like any other top scope, this crossfire ii model has a focal plane and a dead hold BDC reticle. This bullet drops compensating reticle usually uses special holdover points or even a hash marks along its bottom line hence it will allow you or even help you to accurately estimate the effect of your bullet which is dropped on your final important point.

The availability of this reticle is better because it will help you if you need to land short or greater distances. It has a magnification that lies between 2x and 7x power. This bullet drop compensating reticle also may help any person who wants assured ultimate precision when one wants to hit the target above 500 yards.

This reticle and also magnification level can be tuned for engagements of any distance or any hunting ranges. Crossfire ii use a 32mm objective lens and its reticle is located on the second focal plane so that it cannot change its sizes as you use between magnification settings.

Quality Lenses

The lens of this scope is multi-coated which improves the light transmission and also antireflective advantage. The coating ensures that your scope will not transmit a sharp glare to your eyes when you are looking in the same direction for long or when looking at the sun.

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Eye Relief and Eye Box

This vortex crossfire has an eye relief and also a very forgiving eye box that always helps the hunter when using this scope. The eye box helps you to easily see a sight picture even when you are not lined up perfectly with your ocular lens.

It also allows you to see into any target you are in more quickly or even snappily line up your target with your bullet drop compensating reticle when you are trying to spot them outside your scope lenses.

It Has a Perfect Range

This scope also features a better and perfect range. It has a magnification range which is between 2x and 7x. Vortex optics crossfire ii second focal plane has a great choice of hunting, which can be between the 200 yards and 700 yards. This crossfire scope has a minimum range of 2x which works very well such that it can be a suitable scope for tactical or even urban combat engagements.

Its 7x upper magnification range is most great for between 500 and 700 yards or even up to 800 yards. It also depends on the caliber of the bullet and even the type of weapon you are using. Due to it ranges this crossfire ii scope is very nice, favorite and it is also the best choice for the hunter who is a beginner or those who have more experience.

Windage and Elevation

Like any other scope, it features windage and elevation that can be adjusted with fingers and can be zero resets with its caps hence it is easy to use.

Weatherproofing Capability

This scope featured with a weatherproof construction that makes it strong and durable. It is constructed from a single piece of aluminum which make it function very well.

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  • Best for beginner hunters because it is very easy to use
  • Durable due to its weatherproofing construction which is made up of aluminum that ensures it functions very well
  • Mounting option which has a tube diameter of about 26mm
  • It can be adjusted with fingers due to availability of windage and elevation
  • Due to its perfect range with a magnificent range make the scope to work very well between 200 yards and 700 yards
  • It is easy to see a sight picture even when it is not lined up perfectly due to its eye relief and eye box.


  • The size is quite large
  • Average weight is a bit high

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. Will this crossfire work on ar 15 for shot range shooting?

A. Yes it will for short-range mostly with the generous eye relief that is featured to this scope

Q. Will crossfire ii fit Ruger 5032 18?

A. If they will be correct base/scope ring then it will this is because it is a generic scope hence it fits a lot of platforms

Q. The BDC calibrated for what bullet?

A. The scope can be used for different bullet and bullet weights

Q. Can crossfire scope work for handgun ruger redhawk?

A. Yes it can but it can be useful if it has a long pistol

Q. Will 450 bushmaster strong enough?

A. The vortex crossfire ii is a great scope for the money, it is very easy to see and gave killed several animals even over 50 yards it is very pleasing

Q. What size of the ring for a rugger America compact?

A. If you go with a set of the low or medium 1-inch ring this will keep your scope lined up with your eye

Q. Will crossfire scope work on a rugger min 14?

A. It a nice upgrade in magnification from the 1*4 scopes and it’s not as big as the 3*9 scope at two times magnification target very quickly.


After going through the vortex crossfire ii 2-7×32 scout scope review, you can see that it has high quality and helpful features. Due to its weatherproofing, this scope is very durable because it is very strong. Its mounting options this scope has a ring or a rail system which make the scope to be easy to use. Availability of windage and elevation that make it be adjusted even with fingers and it is easy to use for beginners. It also has a perfect range that can work for tactical or urban combat engagement. You can get more information about ease of use when you read the vortex crossfire ii 2-7×32 manual.

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