Red Dot Sight for Shotgun – All You Need To Know


For shooting or tactical activities, the best hunting gear that you need is a combination of a sighting device and a shotgun. The sighting device is usually mounted on rifles, handguns, shotguns, or any other firearm to help boost the accuracy of the shooter. There’s also a red dot sight for shotgun, which will guarantee you a quick and easy way to aim at a target. Another advantage of the red dot is that it can help you shoot moving objects.

red dot sight for shotgun

How Do You Find The Best Red Dot Sight?

Are you trying to find what the best red dot sight for a shotgun is? When buying a red dot sight, what you need to consider first is what you will use it for. Many sights work the same way, but there are some finer details that make them different. To make the right choice, you need to consider a combination of factors that will work best for you. Here are some factors you need to consider when purchasing a sight.

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Reticle Pattern and Size

red dot or scope for shotgun helps in getting accurate shooting, but it relies on a reticle. The reticle is that part of the site that helps you in getting an accurate shooting. It is the aiming point or crosshair projected on the objective lens to help you focus your eye.

The reticle is usually illuminated to make it easy for you to shoot the target effectively. Reticles differ in pattern and size from one sight to another. There are some with intricate details, while others have just simple dots.

Some sights display triangular or chevron patterns instead of dots. So, it is best to choose a reticle that suits your needs. For instance, a reticle with a small dot is suitable for shooting targets that are far away. If you use a larger dot in such a case, it will block your view of the target. 

A shotgun with red dot sight may have a reticles that’s more versatile and refined than what’s found on other shotguns. Their red dots may be small with an outer ring to make up for the shooting distances that vary. The outer rings provide direction and more consistency while shooting.

Another pattern of red dot sights includes grid lines and crosshairs to help ascertain the distance while shooting. Top-grade sights have multiple styles of the reticle that can change for a variety of shooting styles and situations.

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Types Of Projection

Reticles have different projections. These projections make the red dot sight in shotgun unique. While shooting, there are different ways in which you can project the reticle onto the image of the target you see through a window.

You should choose a reticle with the projection that fits your needs. Sights get grouped according to how they project the reticle. Some red dot sights are holographic, while others are reflex. The reflex ones are very popular with hunters. That’s why we have a specific red dot sight for shotgun duck hunting.

Open And Tube Design

There are different components of red dot sights depending on the classification and technology. In terms of design, the components can either be open or closed in tubes. The tube design makes the red dot or scope for shotgun look like normal scopes with the tube housing all the components.

These are the best choices if you are looking for rugged options. The metal tube protects all the components of the red dot sight making them be very versatile. The red dot sights with tube designs will give you the best visibility, even in sunny conditions. The tube helps by blocking the sun so you can have a clear image.

The open sights aren’t bulky and have a smaller footprint. That’s because they don’t have any extra components. They only have an illumination source and an objective window. Unfortunately, filters don’t work well with this design.

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Power And Battery

Many red dot sight uses a battery to illuminate the reticle. The red dot sight on shotgun uses power. So, when buying a shotgun with red dot sight, it is good to consider the battery life. To get longer battery life, you can buy the reflex sights because they use LED illumination which consumes little power.

With these designs, you can get a battery life of up to 1000 hours. Holographic red dot sights require more energy because they use lasers. For this reason, they run out of power faster.

With the current technology, some red dot sights have used tritium capsules and fiber optics for power. This removes the need for batteries. These sights don’t have electronic parts and may not be good for illumination. There is a red dot sight for KSG shotgun that can be used for years without running out of power.

Final words

When you read the above red dot sight shotgun reviews and consider all the above factors before buying a red dot sight for shotgun, then you’ll surely get the best.

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