Red dot sight vs holographic sight – A Comparison Guide


Speed and accuracy are critical for any shooter be it a military person or even a civilian hunter. Your sight alone may be insufficient in enabling you to take out your target accurately and with the uttermost speed. However, with the aid of the red dot sight or the holographic sight, you will achieve both of these crucial aspects to make you a better shooter. In this review, we are going to give a comprehensive comparative for red dot sight vs holographic sight leaving you to pick your preferred choice. One crucial detail to note about the red dot sight and the holographic sight is that they have legal compliance thus suitable to use even when hunting.

red dot sight vs holographic sight

What is holographic sight?

What is holographic red dot sight? This a non-magnifying sight mounted on a gun allowing you to look through an optical glass window where a holographic reticle image is super-imposed at a distance on the field of view. With this sight, the reticle is positioned on an exact area of the target you want to take out with your weapon.

You will like the illumination coming with this sight, giving you a clear shot of your target. The target appears closer when you use holographic sight. However, the aiming dot remains the same size giving you visual acuity on long-range shots. If you are hunting, you may try this to take out a target as far as 200 yards.

What is a red dot sight?

This is a non-magnifying reflector sight which shooters use on firearms for aiming to give them an aim point which manifests as an illuminated red dot. This offers the shooter speed and accuracy when it comes to taking out targets. Shooters like this sight because your head position does not affect its accuracy and it is 100% parallax free. With this sight, you are able to spot a target from as far as 250 yards but for the best shot, be within a shooting range of 100 yards.

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Red dot sight or holographic

With the red dot sight, the LED emitter sends some beams in the glass at the front. The beam then reflects back to your eyes in red dot form. On the other hand, a holographic sight utilizes a laser coupled with a mirror to send a well-formed holographic image. This image appears in front of you.

It is important to note than the two produce better sights than the traditional irons. The choice between the two would be a matter of preference between the LED beam red dot or the hologram image which appears superimposed in front of you.

What’s the difference between red dot sight and holographic?

It would help if you comprehended that the difference between the two most preferred sights is far beyond side to side comparison of red dot sight holographic. They both offer great accuracy when taking out targets even though the one used a reflected red dot while the other uses the hologram image. A thin line, however, exists with the battery life for the two sights.

 For the holo sight, the power consumption is higher than the red dot sight. That gives the red dot sight a plus over the holographic sight. Nevertheless, the holo sight is better when we consider the parallax errors. When using the red dot sight, you must align your eye correctly else you miss out your target due to parallax errors.

Such occurrences are rare with the holographic sight. As a result, the holographic sight will take the day when it comes to taking out long-range targets since errors of parallax are minimal.

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 In terms of temperatures, the red dot sights carry the day since they are adaptable to adverse temperatures compared to the holographic sights. It, therefore, means you carry a red dot sight for very hot or cold temperatures as opposed to the holo sight.

Also worth noting is the complexity that comes with the holo sights when contrasted against the red dot sights. You will find working with red dot sights easier than the holographic sights which appear bulkier due to these complexities.

Final Words

That said, we leave you the liberty to pick your choice between red dot sight vs holographic sight. All you need to know is that the two sights are the most common and offer great accuracy and speed when it comes to taking out your targets. If you have used one sight and not the other prior, maybe it is time to sample the other and feel the difference yourself!

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