Nerf Rival Jupiter Scope – All You Need To Know as Beginners


Shooting competitions have increasingly become famous with the advancing technology. This has led to the production of kids’ friendly gun toys that they use to grow shooting skills and knowledge. In case a child wants to join the forces, get him or her Nerf Rival Jupiter Scope toy to start practicing as early as 14. This will help him acquire the necessary tactics that will increase shooting accuracy. Competing with other kids makes the shooting more fun and interesting. You should therefore encourage your kid to participate in the competitions with other kids as this will help him/her to become braver.

nerf rival jupiter scope


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Nerf Rival Jupiter Scope Review

Nerf Rival Edge Jupiter is a kids’ gun toy that is intended to be used by children aged 14 years and above. Kids are able to engage in head-to-head rival competitions using the recently produced Nerf rival guns like the Nerf Rival Jupiter Scope. These guns have tiny foam round balls that your children fire as they practice their intense battle.

The blasters together with other accessories are colored to help kids form teams where they can compete against team blue or red for example. This toy is for right-handed kids as the bolt action is geared on the right hand side.

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Quality Build

Nerf Rival Edge Jupiter is a multi – colored device that is attractive to the eye. The luminous green color makes it so exciting and pretty. This blaster employs an interior magazine to function. It has an assembled weight of 4.8 pounds. Nerf Rival Jupiter Sniper release date was in spring of year 2019. It comprises of a blaster, four pieces target, 10 edge rounds, some instructions and a bolt.

At the rear side, there is a spring-loaded mono pod that contracts easily plus an incorporated shoulder stock. It has tactical rails both at the base and top of the barrel. There is a flip-up iron display at the barrel’s ending.

At the back of the display there is a packaging port for the Jupiter’s inner magazine. At the side there is a window where you can observe the inner magazine. There is also a button situated at the opposite side of the bolt to avoid any jamming of the blaster. A priming sign is located at the rear part of the priming assemblage that helps you see if the Jupiter blaster is in place or not.

This Nerf sniper rival toy has a modifiable mono pod and an expandable and adjustable bi-pod to help you line up the blaster for every gunshot.  It has a transparent window that allows competitors to have a clear view of the remaining balls in the blaster. Therefore, you don’t have to guess how many rounds are remaining since you can easily see them.

Use and Performance

Nerf Rival Jupiter XIX 1000 is used by Nerf Rival contestants to exercise their expertise.  Its performance is far beyond my expectations. It has a speed of 90 fps to fire the balls but I find it been higher than that. The firing rate is however slower but this is due to the Jupiter’s mechanism.

It is capable of firing one ball after every two seconds making it an excellent estimate for setting the blaster rapidly and shooting at your projected target. It can carry 10 balls at a go giving you enough time to fire the balls without the need to reload.

  • Internal Magazine

The internal magazine can take one or two extra balls with no jamming problems. Nerf rival edge Jupiter has a huge plastic reactive target. This is usually better than the mercury one.

At the bottom of the target there is a small metal platter that trembles liberally when hit by the half portion of the reactive target on the bottom side. This allows the contestants to test out their accuracy with each shot. The small metal makes the Nerf Rival Jupiter XIX 1000 to be lightweight device.

  • Shooting

To shoot, put in 10 balls, prime the blaster then confirm whether the indicator is ready for you to start the trigger. How far does the Nerf Rival Jupiter shoot? You will shoot one ball at a speed of 90fps, which is 27 metres for each second.

There is a trigger security lock that stops any accidental shooting. This targeting set in the Jupiter XIX 1000 allows the contestants to build their skills and be able to win over their opponents in the rival games. This device uses products manufactured by Nerf Rival only.

The Worker 18kg spring is a Nerf Rival Jupiter mod that allows you to substitute the original spring in order to advance in performance in terms of accuracy, initial speed and range. It is made of great quality metal with a weight of 16.23g and a size of 120*22mm.  It is easy to install and increases the distance which the Nerf Jupiter bullets go.

  • Turn Pull Mechanism

Jupiter XIX 1000 is the only toy gun that uses the turn pull mechanism. Turn pull is an alternative of turn bolt design. With this design you need to flip the bolt upward previous to pulling the trigger and downwards once you are done priming.

This however makes the operation to be more burdensome unlike in other guns that uses ordinary bolt-action. It also lowers the firing rates.

Value for Money

The Nerf Sniper Rival is worth every single penny. The power of this device is great enabling you to acquire 100% accuracy. The Jupiter accomplishes the sniper function like no other gun. The balls are more durable than the common dart snipers making it reliable.

Hitting the target makes one feel like an expert, hearing it blow up in a continuous manner and the musical sound that it produces is a lot more fun. It comprises of several modest touches that makes the device worth the cost.


When you are buying toys for your kids, safety should be one of the main priorities. In this case, shooting with this sniper rifle is safe for your kids. Not only is it accurate but also designed with a trigger lock that ensures the rifle does not shoot accidentally. On top of that, it is equipped with a spring-action mechanism as well as quality tactical rails.

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  • Features a clear window meaning that you can see the rounds left.
  • Easy to align because the tripod is extendable and adjustable.
  • It comes with instruction, four targets, bolt, 10 rounds and a blaster.
  • Makes accurate shots and recommended for kids from 14 and above.
  • It is easy to assemble since you don’t need to use any tools.
  • Great sniper rifle with a nice design and it doesn’t jam.
  • Available in multi-color and it is ideal for male and female users.


  • Some users say it doesn’t come with the 100 rounds as described.
  • Great product but you can only use it with Nerf products only.

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Having a gun toy that looks like a little sniper gun is exciting for a kid who is passionate in rival competition. The Nerf sniper rival scope will help you to make the right decision when looking for a toy gun for your kid. The above Nerf Rival Jupiter scope review provides you with knowledge about the toy guns and more so about the Jupiter XIX1000. If you want to invest in a Nerf Rival Sniper toy, Jupiter XIX 1000 is the best. With more power and a high magazine capacity, it is worth the value.

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