Best Long Range Rifle Scopes – Review With Comparison

Many people participate in long range shooting. Be it for hunting purposes, a hobby, for networking or even military, long range shooting is fun. However, you need the best long range rifle scopes with quality optics to make it even more fun.

You will also need one that is easy to handle and use. With the new technology in the market these days, it is not hard to find that scope that will best serve your shooting needs. Remember that the scope you go for should be affordable and of good quality. As a long range shooter, here are some top recommendations you can consider. They are great for both beginners and experienced shooters.

Best Long Range Rifle Scopes – Comparison table

Top 10 Long Range Rifle Scopes

1. Feyachi Tactical 8-32x50 AOEG Rifle Scope

Best Long Range Rifle Scopes

This scope has a wide range magnification of up 8-32x. This increases the accuracy of the scope. When using this scope for shooting, you will be able to locate targets both at a medium and long range. This is because of the good magnification that increases precision. The magnification is also adjustable. You will, therefore, be able to change it so that it suits what you need.

It has the milldot type of reticle which uses a dedicated reticle brightness turret to illuminate in different colors. This mill dot provides precision hence helping you to easily aim the target without fear of missing it. The reticle illumination control also comes with a range of select able brightness for each color. This will help you to adjust the brightness to what makes you comfortable when shooting. These colors are red and green.

The Feyachi Tactical 8-32x50 AOEG Rifle Scope has an etched-glass reticle. This increases the scope's precision due to its superiority over a wire reticle. Apart from being precise, the level of accuracy is also increased. This makes it easy for you to use this type of scope when targeting.

This scope is not only waterproof but also fog proof and shockproof. This is because it has a 1-inch main tube. This feature will allow you to use your scope in weather conditions out there. This main tube offers windage and of course elevation adjustments. This will give your rifle greater strength.


  • 5 brightness controls for each light
  • Has a fast focus ocular type
  • Power batteries are included
  • Lightweight
  • Good magnification


  • No spare batteries

2. Ledsniper®riflescope Mil-dot Adjustable Intensified Rifle Scope

It has the Mill dot type of reticle which is green and red illuminated. This will definitely help you when aiming. It will ensure that you clearly find and mark your target before shooting. This reticle comes with a 3-inch long sunshade. The sunshade will ensure you can see and shoot your target even in the brightest sun. Therefore the sun will not be a hindrance to you when shooting.

The Ledsniper®riflescope 6-24x50 Aoe is more than just waterproof. It is also shockproof and fog proof. This will allow you to use it in any weather. You will no longer have to wait for the rains to stop in order to go out hunting. This feature will also ensure that your scope is protected from damage caused by extreme weather conditions and accidents that occur when shooting such as your riffle falling down.

The scope has a 40mm long tube. This tube ensures that maximum light is gathered by the scope. You can, therefore, hunt even the dimmest light comfortably. Imagine having an easy time shooting your target as the sun sets.

For each color it has, there is a 5 level adjustable reticle brightness. This will help you as you aim and mark your target. You could always increase the brightness of the colors when it is a bit bright outside and reduce it when it is a bit dark.


  • Good eye relief
  • Clear magnification
  • Unique zero setting and locking
  • Infinity Battery is included
  • Comes with a sunshade
  • Wide field of view


  • Package does not include tools like Allen keys

3. Ade Advanced Optics 6-25X56 35mm Long Range Rifle Scope

This type of scope is heavy duty. It is because it is a one-piece main tube. This feature provides a very good foundation for precise lens alignment. This will make it easy for you to handle the whole weapon once in the field.

The riffle scope has a pretty good magnification. The magnification of 6-25x will help you too easily zoom in so as to have a clear view of your target. This is especially important for those targets that are very far or rather tiny. Imagine how easy this scope makes shooting be.

It is protected against fogging. This is done by the water-resistant sealers that it has. It also has synthetic grease and secure o-rings. These elements combined do a perfect job of protecting your scope. You can have fun during those foggy days out there since your scope will return home safe and sound.

It has a very good precision control that comes with 140 MOA adjustment. This means that your shooting could be very precise which is exactly what you need. It will also be easy for you to actually change the level of precision since the MOA is adjustable. All these are, of course, possible because of its illuminated Mill dot bar reticle.

The windage and elevation on this scope could easily and quickly be adjusted due to the ¼ MOA click adjustments for windage and elevation. This is also because it has a 140 MOA elevation adjustments. It also has target turrets that lock both windage and elevation. These features will improve your accuracy out in the field and make your shooting easy and fun.


  • Pretty good magnification
  • Mounting rings included
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Quick side focus
  • Lens shade included


  • A bit heavy

4. Monstrum Tactical 6-24x50 Rifle Scope

It reduces the stress of adjusting the ranging once you change the magnification since it has a first focal plane rangefinder reticle. This reticle is functionally designed to work with different adjustments in magnification. This is because it has the easy-to-read ranging information. This ranging information remains constant even if the magnification is adjusted.

The Monstrum Tactical rifle scope has an awesome level of magnification that goes up to 6-24x. This means that you could easily focus on your target that is up to 1500 yards and even beyond. It will eliminate your worries about not being able to clearly see your target.

The scope comes with an adjustable objective lens (AO lens). This allows you to have a sharper focus on your image. This eases your targeting when you are preparing to shoot. It not only improves your focus but also on the range estimation. It as well eliminates parallax.

The etched reticle illumination is in both green and red. The reticle illumination is touch controlled with a range of brightness. This means you can actually use your scope in different lighting, either low light or bright areas. The etched reticle can work with or without illumination. With this level of reticle visibility, you can go shooting at any time.

It also comes with an anti-reflective honeycomb sunshade. This reduces the outward glare. You can, therefore, hide your position when you are out shooting. The sunshade can also be detached from the scope.


  • Comes with a carrying storage bag
  • CR2032 3V battery for powering your scope's reticle illumination
  • Lightweight with just 1 pound 14 ounces
  • Rapid reticle illumination adjustment with minimal movement
  • Pretty good magnification


  • Relatively expensive in its category

This model has a high optical clarity at 6-24X times magnification. It is, therefore, the best scope for both mid and long range focusing. It just makes focusing easier for you. You will be able to clearly see your target even from far.

The scope's reticle is illuminated in green and green. The reticle illumination comes with several brightness adjustments. This will allow you to have clear sight pictures no matter the lighting of the environment you are in.

This scope is fog proof, weatherproof and shockproof. You can, therefore, go shooting in any weather with no worries. You can enjoy both the rainy and foggy weather.

The scope is made out of a resilient all metal. Its construction is in such that the scope is strong. The scope can, therefore, survive small accidents like falling on some soft ground. It will also wear out very slowly. Your scope will be durable and can be used as often as possible without fear of wear and tear.

It comes with a detachable laser sight. This will enable you to have a quick acquisition of close quarter targets. You will have no problems when acquiring targets. This makes shooting much more fun and easy.


  • Spare batteries are included
  • Comes with complete controls
  • Durable metal construction
  • Good magnification
  • Has plenty of short rails for additional accessories


  • Batteries drain quickly

6. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective, 30mm Tube, Second Focal Plane Riflescopes.

When it comes to Riflescope am always skeptical about its ability to perform in foggy conditions. Well, this Vortex riflescope always gives me peace with its waterproof ability. 

So don't be worried that you will be destroying your riflescope when using it in an extremely humid area since it has a fog proof feature.

One thing I totally love about this riflescope is the fact that is made using aircraft aluminum grad material. This makes it very strong with a shockproof performance. Regardless of the shock waves emitting from the magnetic waves around, this riflescope has got your back.

It has capped reset turrets which are very easy to use. They are constructed to be finger adjusted with MOA clicks so you can always adjust the scope to fit your desired target. Plus you can reset the scope back to zero when the need arises.

It comes with long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box which is one of the best target focusing feature. This definitely means the best targets acquisition in just a matter of seconds. Plus it makes target focusing a very easy and quick task.


  • Comes with a waterproof and fog proof feature.
  • It's very strong with a shockproof performance.
  • Easy to use capped reset turrets.
  • It has a long eye relief and an ultra-forgiving eye box.


  • It’s made in China.
  • It tends to lose its clarity when used for longer time frames.

7. Athlon Optics, Argos BTR, Riflescope, 6-24 x 50 First Focal Plane (FFP) 30 mm Tube, Illuminated APMR MIL Reticle

It has an advanced fully multi-coated lens which gives it an upper hand when it comes to a riflescope. Trust me when I say it has one of the amazing light transmission making it very bright which in turn give the best images which are undistorted.

It comes with a reticle etched design offering the best supporting system. Plus this makes it very durable making all your money counts. I mean who wants to spend their money on something which has a short lifespan?

If you are a bit clumsy like me, then this Athlon is manufactured for you. It’s made from the best 6061T6 aircraft grade aluminum tube making it very strong. So don't worry about it when you fall or store it carelessly because it’s manufactured to handle all that.

It has an out of this world thermal stability which makes it an amazing riflescope. I love this feature since am not worried about the sudden change of temperatures whenever am out there in the wild doing what I love most. Making it best for target acquisition.


  • Has an advanced fully multi-coated lens.
  • Comes with a reticle etched design.
  • It is very strong.
  • Has a thermal stability feature.


  • The reticle glass is not very clear.

8. Leupold VX-2 4-12x40mm Compact Waterproof Fogproof Riflescope, Duplex Reticle, Matte Finish, Black (114396)

Imagine hunting without being restricted by the weather, that's what you get when you use the Leupold VX-2. It gives the best brightness amount with one of a kind clarity and contrast. This is just the required necessity when hunting in any given weather conditions.

Plus the full lifetime guarantee makes you trust this riflescope. I mean who would dare put on a lifetime guarantee if they know the product is not worthy? Thus the riflescope is the best and very reliable and at the same time trustworthy giving one confidence when using it.

The precision finger click adjustments are very easy to use and adjust. Even a beginner can easily make adjustments. It's very precise so there will be very minimal chances of not acquiring your target which is absolutely amazing.

The main tubes are 30mm which I must attest is quite spacious. The tubes can allow a wide range of adjustments which is a bonus since it doesn't restrict one when it comes to making adjustments. So fear not, the main tubes will make your target acquisition very easy. 


  • Gives the best brightness amount with one of a kind clarity and contrast.
  • Full lifetime guarantee.
  • Precision finger click adjustments.
  • It has 30mm main tubes.


  • The fog proof is not very precise in dense fog.

9. Millett 6-25 X 56 LRS-1 Illuminated Side Focus Tactical Riflescope (35mm Tube .25 MOA with Rings), Matte

With its amazingly good objective of a 56mm trust me, you will be getting a wider field of view. This means covering a larger area with one click. Right, I mean who wants to waste time covering smaller areas when you can go wider?

The millet 6-25 will be a bonus for you since it will deliver better brighter images. For any tactical operator, brighter images directly translate to better forecasting giving one of the best precisions one could ask for.

In addition, the MOA click adjustments will do you more good in terms of windage adjustments. I love this feature because I'm able to hit my targets even when it is windy. The MOA adjustments also come in handy when targeting an elevated target since I'm able to still adjust my riflescope.

The glass etched reticle makes it very durable and very reliable. So don't be worried that your riflescope will not last for a longer period. Making the millet 6-25 practically strong and indestructible too.


  • Good objective of a 56 mm.
  • Gives bright clear images.
  • Has MOA click adjustments.
  • Comes with a modern glass etched reticle.


  • Its packing can at times be incomplete.

10. Nikon P-308 4-12x40 Riflescope, Matte, BDC 800.

It has a magnification of 4X up to 12X so zooming in and out of your target location is made easier. The fact that this magnification feature is easy to use gives it an upper hand. Like I always say why struggle with riflescope that is difficult to handle when you can just zoom with a click of a finger?

The objective diameter makes it even better when it comes to target acquisition. The amazing 40mm objective diameter gives very sharp and precise to the point target location. Which in turn gives the best clear target acquisition.

One thing I love about this riflescope is its wider field of view of up to 100 yards. Tell me who wouldn't want to have a wider target acquisition area. So regardless of your position, this field of view will offer you the best deal.

It is very light in terms of its weight which is quite handy. This makes it very easy to carry it around during your hunting expeditions. With just a 17.5 oz. in weight you don't expect to get tired as a result of carrying the riflescope around, or can you?


  • A magnification of 4X up to 12X.
  • Has a 40mm objective diameter.
  • A wider field of view of up to 100 yards.
  • Its light weight of just 17.5 Oz.


  • Its eye relief is not the best for a tactical scope.

How to Choose the Best Long Range Rifle Scopes

When you will be purchasing your scope, it is necessary to have some ideas of what important things to look for.

Rifle Weight

Remember you are purchasing the scope for a riffle. Their weight should therefore match. A heavy scope on a light rifle will definitely throw the rifle out of balance. This will reduce the accuracy of your shot.


This is an important consideration for any long range shooter. Always go for those lenses that are very clear in both low and high magnification. Light transmission is one of the indicators that the optics have good lens but also consider looking through the optics from side to side.

Magnification Power

Most people believe that the more the powerful the magnification of a scope is, then the more powerful it is. It is very true. However, it depends on the type of shooting and the distance. Ensure you choose a scope that comes with the kind of magnification that will work best for you. This is an important consideration for hunters.

Eye Relief

This is an important factor if you expect to get a clear image of your target. This is taken into consideration if the scope will be placed on rifles with heavy recoil. If the eye relief is short it is dangerous to the shooter. Therefore ensure you understand the kind of rifle you have and what kind of eye relief it will need to ensure a perfect aim.


Adjustment ranges are very important. You should be able to adjust the turrets on your scope easily. Long range shooting requires serious elevation adjustment and since adjusting turrets is required more for elevation than windage, then it is necessary to consider this factor when you will be choosing your scope.

Final Words

Well, now you know the best long range rifle scopes that you can choose from. You also know the most important things to consider when purchasing a scope. Though not all scopes and considerations have been mentioned above, consider the above list a guide. Before you open your wallet to make a purchase, ensure you are satisfied with your choice. Anyway, it is time you go and get one for yourself.

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