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 Shooting is a skill that engages quite some aptitude, but the fact remains your scope needs as much attention as your rifle. The two complement each other, for that shot that will leave or create an impression that sets the record.

Going for your outdoor events shooting has never been taken seriously unless you have equipped yourself with a 17 Hmr Rifle Scope.

You don't need to be a victim of missed shots; you can do better in a short time with practice using this quality scope.

It can turn out to be a distraction, whether you are an accomplished shooting ardent or a newbie when you have low-grade optics that can't take a far distance shot. A magnified scope will give you the ability to have a more precise shot, when you are at a distance, with much affluence.

I have taken a careful analysis not only to make it easier for you to identify the best 17 Hmr Rifle Scopes, but also save you time to the best high performing ones.

How to Choose the Best 17 Hmr Rifle Scope

Before finally settling in, on any of these great scopes, depending on your shooting lifestyle.

It is imperative you carefully check that your scope has taken seriously into account, these elements. This is to ensure you also understand your scope better for maximized utilization. A step further to a quality scope, includes.

Usage And Cost

Are you getting this scope for hunting or tactical reasons? This will help you get the most appropriate scope for best results. Go for the price that suits your budget, matched to quality. But choose quality, since your performance is key.

Magnification And Visibility

Avoid cheaper scopes with lackluster magnifications. If your tactical edge is vital, get the quality of lens that comes with zeroing mechanisms of distinction. It is very disrobing to realize a blurry view because this can result to a cheated spot, and you miss the target.

Weather Conditions

The foggy weather should not threaten you shot capability, get a foggy resistant scope, that is nitrogen purged, this is to enable your scope to retain its performance even if things seem to be thick in such weather. If it is waterproof, that is a plus too.

Other Factors

Avoid fears of continuous recoil by fast going for a scope, whose eye relief is comfortably less strenuous. This will allow you close in on your targets with much intelligence. Check on hash marks and specification to given types of bullets. This will keep you a step to an excellent scope.

Are you a shooter who wants a quick elevation of a scope? If you have issues with yours or actually are new into scopes, the BSA® 3 - 12x40 Sweet 17™ Rifle Scope, works the magic.

To ensure you realize great view and closer targeting, it comes with a magnification of 3 - 12X. The rifle scope is waterproof, shockproof and fog proof.

That means, don't trouble yourself how you are going to get through the wet conditions, stabilize your rifle for a more focused shot or get over the fog weather visibility barriers. These are some of the features that ensure, you stay with this scope, getting the most of its service for quite a long time.

The manufacturer has put effort to its design for you to enjoy a flexible distance of 100 yards away, from your target but still get a clear shot of your aim.

This is also attributed to the standardization that is incremental for an elliptical bullet drop. For outlook, it is a shadow matte finish. Set it up with ease for your quick aim, without straining on a 3-inch eye relief. Your eyes should be taking too long to strain for a shot.


  • check
    Quick turret system
  • check
    Fast adjustable objective
  • check
    Light in weight of 19.40 oz.
  • check
    Water proof, shock proof and fog proof.


  • The scope doesn't have an IR.

You are not certain that your regular scope is the best? If your answer is yes! You better think again. Outstanding functionality and unique detailed construction is what this rifle scope is based on.

The BSA 6-18X40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope, can get through performance tests to bringing you assured durability. Given it is nitrogen filled for the best fog proof capability, brilliant shock proof, to avoid rifle distraction of shot impact and waterproof, just in case it rains on you, while you are hunting target, surfaces.

The optics are optimized for not only the 17 HMR bullet but also for combat missions. This is crowned with magnification is 6-18x for the best view, you can count on. This is reliability at its best.

The added multi-coated lenses are clear and bright. So, you will not have to worry of visual radiance for the ultimate view.

It weighs only 20 oz. making it very comfortable to carry around, whether fixed on your rifle or not.


  • check
    Perfect eye relief
  • check
    6-18 reliable variable power
  • check
    Turret calibrated for 17HMR 17gr. and .20gr Bullets.
  • check
    Adjustable objective


  • Doesn't come with an extended 3-inch or 4-inch sunshade

If there is any scope that will give you a nice shot, you feel like doing it again and again, is the BSA 3-12X40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope with Red.

This is credited to its great features that ensure, a shot is never wasted. Also, you don't have to strain to get a clear view, with this scope. Brought together for dedicated lens routing, they are multicoated for a clear view of your images.

It is a definitive fog proof, shock proof and waterproof body creation for longevity. This is why for those who are focused on the precision with no hitches, they can't wait to acquaint themselves with this scope. For those who are normally keen on magnification, it is 3-12x.


  • check
    ¼ minute click adjustments
  • check
    Red, green and blue illumination reticle
  • check
    Quick and easy scope fixing
  • check
    Reliable performance


  • It doesn't come with rings

The second last but not least top class scope is the Sweet 17 Rifle Scope Magnification. It promises to deliver to you consistency in quality service in the long run.

You don't like carrying around heavy stuff, and anything that adds more weight can be quite a burden. This is why it only weighs 2.22 Pounds, for enjoyable portability.

Are you that type that loves those scopes with elegant looks? Well, the Sweet 17 Rifle Scope Magnification look, is as sweet as you can envision. It is an elegant black finish that will get noticed among your shooting gurus.

Go for your hunting, sporting shooting competitions, confident that its high magnification of 6X - 30X, which provides you with closer visible objects, for the best-timed shot.


  • check
    Elegant Matte black finish
  • check
    From 100 up to 300 yards' bullet drop
  • check
    Side focus functionality
  • check
    Turret Calibrated for .17 HMR
  • check
    Tactical objective lens ranging from 31-40 mm.


  • Not so suitable for more than 300 yards' preference

Lastly is the Freehawk® 2.5-10x40 Tactical/Optics Accessories/ Rifle Scope, happens to be my likable top class. Never be a duped into scopes that potentially don't deliver as promised any longer. Get this top performance rifle scope, for durability, reliability and great shots enhancement.

Imagine owning a scope that delays to capture targets and ends up missing them; this can be frustrating. Just throw them away and upgrade yourself with this quality and solid scope.

For enthusiastic shooters, sensitive with clarity and precision, you will benefit from the integrated and independently controlled, red laser sighting of this scope, that moves fast to avail to you a closer careful scan on a quarter bull's eye.

Just go as far as 100 yards from your target, but no more, and achieve still a clear view of your objective, without much strain. Thanks to the superb laser, it brings to you.

For the best view, this scope has been intelligently designed to accommodate a magnification of 2.5-10X, this is a remarkable dedication to ensure shooters get what they exactly need in focal performance.

Achieve magnificent optical clarity, with this scope's 40mm objective diameter, assisted by a red or green reticle that can allow into more brightness so that you can be able to fit into any environmental lighting.


  • check
    Mid-dot reticle and standard X-Y Windage with elevation click adjustment
  • check
    Durable metal body construction
  • check
    High-grade optical glasses for longevity
  • check
    Quick and safe attachment for a fast shot


  • It can't deliver 500 yards away shot

Final Words

This high-class rifle scopes will unquestionably maintain a good reputation with you and even woo in more of your fellow shooters.

Unleash terror on your targets confidently, since you know you are well equipped with any of these scopes, for the best concentration, to achieve great results. These are scopes that finally will make your shooting, great again.​

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