BARSKA Plinker-22 Rifle scope Review

Whether it is your sporting, outdoor survival, hunting or even your training, there is no important equipment to the rifle like a rifle scope. If you actually need a scope that will deliver and endure those unfriendly weather conditions, the BARSKA Plinker-22 Rifle scope is exactly for you.

BARSKA Plinker-22

Regular scopes, rarely sustain durability and convenience, to the users, this scope not only provides that but also goes a step ahead, to maintains a lead in functionality. Scopes are supposed to make to make the target, a much easier job to hit.

You will never get the best shot if your scope keeps dragging your feet, every other time when it comes to precision and fast traction of your image.

I suggest you upgrade to the BARSKA Plinker-22 Rifle scope, to narrow down your disappointments.

BARSKA Pinker-22 Riflescope Review

Optical Power

This scope guarantees high optical power for you at any given time. The lenses have a lens cover and a lens cloth, for you to keep them safely for next use without having to go through their cleaning or for much convenience of your scope cleaning, more especially when you are in a rush.

The well-designed optics are fully multi-coated, with an incredibly excellent magnification of 3X to 9X. These scopes avail to you one-inch tube diameter,12-Inch tube length, and a 32-millimeter objective lenses. This is to suitably enable you to get a clear view, for your best shot.

You can easily adjust your optics for windage and elevation, for perfect positioning to aim best and maximize your chances of getting the shot right.

Weight And Portability

Most shooters, don’t want to go for painkillers every other time, just because they have carried all day a scope that is too heavy. The BARSKA Plinker-22 Rifle scope has only 11.5-Ounce in weight. This is remarkable portability.

Adverse Weather Conditions

BARSKA Pinker-22 Riflescope Review

The most amazing part that caught my attention undistracted is that it is waterproof, fog proof and more so shock proof. That means, go ahead plan your shooting escapades, without getting worried, if you get rained on your scope is down.

If it is foggy weather too, this scope will still stay clear, as the scope can’t hold more clogging for obstructions.

Equally, we all face that quick impact when taking a shot; this scope is meant to minimize that thanks to its top-notch engineering.

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Versatility And Eye Relief

BARSKA Plinker-22 Rifle scope is the master of your hunting convenience and even plinking. This implies, even if you are to face rough outdoor shooting situations, you never have to worry because you can count on it.

You don’t need too, to strain to take a shot, thanks to its 3.5-Inch eye relief. The distance you need between your eye and the scope is convenient and comfortable enough for that much-needed clear view.

We found this 22 rimfire scope has the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Comes with lens cover and lens cloth for cleaning and storage ease
  • Multi-coated optics for excellent clarity and performance
  • Suitable for any weather condition
  • Quick adjustment knobs for fast reaction
  • Adjustable windage and elevation


  • Not suitable for all rifle types

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Does this scope work for Umarex Surge .177 pellet rifle?

A: Sure it does but check on the length for compatibility

Q: Does it come with a warranty?

A: Absolutely yes.

Q:  is it shockproof?

A: Yes, it is.

Final Verdict

The fact that the BARSKA Plinker-22 Rifle scope is water proof or shock proof doesn’t necessarily mean you go about opening it inside and clean its parts. If you are concerned with internal past performance, I suggest you get a rifle repair expert or professional to do the job, unless you too are good in it undoubtedly. Equally, it means avoid knocking it on hard surfaces to safeguard the body structure, for it to serve you for long. But normal cleaning of the exposed parts of the scope can be done using an accompanied lens cloth. When you are not using your scope, it is better you ensure your lenses are covered by the protective lens cover, to avoid dust accumulation on them. This will mean your scope is likely to serve you for quite some long time by doing less regular cleaning. There is doubt you are headed for the best performance in your shooting if you can go for this incredible scope.

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