What Is A Long Range Scope?


Are you a hunter or sport shooter looking to hit Targets at 1000 yards and beyond? Well, you’re going to need a long range scope for your rifle. You may have heard about the long-range scopes and you must be wondering what they are and how they work.The most logical simple explanation is that with them you can make long range shots on target. In general terms, this scope means scope for long range hunting.There is a variety of long-range scopes for sale available on the market. A good long-range scope is difficult to find unless you do not understand what is it? and how it works?If you want to take your next step and purchase one but still don’t know what it is, then fortunately for you, we are going to guide you through what it really is. All you have to do is to continue reading our review to find out more information on scopes for long range shooting.

long range scope

What exactly are the long range scopes?

When does a Distance become a long range? Is it at 100, 150, 200 or 250? Are these the definition of a long range? What of at 500 yards when most scopes start to lose their effectiveness. Does that make a long range? Actually, to answer this question it will need a better view and understanding of long range scopes.

Some experts based their understanding on a long range on when an iron sight becomes ineffective for making accurate shots. However, some pro shooters like the Marine can still make great shots at 500 yards with them. Other experienced shooters can hit the 300-yard target.

At 300 yard most can consider that as a long-range. So that brings us back to the question what is a long range scope? Well to explain it better with what we have mentioned a long range hunting scope is a scope that can hit a target consistently and a minimum of 300 yards and way beyond that. A scope that can reach such targets come with some unique features to make it the ideal candidate for long range shooting.

Popular long range scope brands

What is the best long-range scope on the market? You may have this questions in your mind from the beginning but answering this question is not simple because when we buy a scope we need to consider some factors including the budget, comfort, look and durability. If you go for long-range scope cheap that may not always fulfill your requirement. There are other features to consider.

There are several Optic brands on the market. Some of these are more popular than others. The vortex optics brandy is at the top of the list. This brand makes high-quality scopes which are durable and hard to compare with any other brand.

If you are looking for long-range scopes on a budget then I have some suggestions for you. You should check out the vortex long-range scopes and Leupold long-range scope, as they are some of the best on the market while you consider long range scopes on a budget.

You can check out the price of vortex scopes and Leupold scopes in here

Nixon, on the other hand, is another brand that we can easily say is a big competitor to the Vortex brand. If the vortex scopes do not impress you then we are certainly sure that the Nikon long-range scope will do the job. Are the Giants in making some of the best long-range scopes include Sightmark, Simmons, Primary Arms, UTG and Bushnell, among others.

You can also check out the price of Primary Arms, UTG , Simmons and Bushnell scopes in here

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How to shoot with a long range scope

Shooting at a long range may seem like a very hard task to achieve. However, with the right device practice and effort, you can become pretty good at it. Hitting Targets at a 100 yards is not the same when hitting those at 1000 yards. Below are a few tips to help you when shooting at a long range.

Survey wind conditions

Collect some data on wind conditions. This will help you understand better how your scope will perform on certain conditions.

Do not worry about cleaning the rifle. Professional shooters it is the best companion for a long range shooter. They claim it works better than when it is clean.

When shooting at a long range it is advisable to always be focused. Take a deep breath in and out, pause and then make your shot.

Make slow, simple shots and then slowly release the trigger. Hasty shots can lead to misfiring and the target.

Practice how to zero your long range hunting scope. Getting the basic skills will help you when shooting at Long ranges.

Try to blend in with your surrounding environment. This can help you to not get detected easily.

Choose your bullet weight and measurements wisely. This is because long range bullets are different from other ordinary short-range bullets. Pay full attention to the wind because the wind directions can keep changing from time to time. Understand the wind speed and direction so that you are able to make correct adjustments on your scope.

How to adjust scope for long range hunting

Clear your rifle from any magazine or bullets in the chamber.

Mount your scope to the rifle.

Zero in your long-range scope starting from a short range of about 50 to 100 yards. Continue to increase the distance until you reach your desired long range distance. Start making shots at the short distance. When you hit your target consistently at the short range then you can change to another further distance. Continue making shots at different distances until you reach your preferred long range distance.

How to choose a scope for long range shooting

When choosing a long-range scope there are a few things you have to understand. For example , you need to learn what the different parts of a long range hunting scope does. That way it will be easy to choose the best long-range scope.

Additionally, you must learn the different scope terminologies. These included the relief, exit pupil, and parallax. Once you understand these terminologies, choosing a scope will also be easy.

The most important thing is getting to know the qualities of a good long range scope. There are things that will make a scope the ideal long-range scope. Some of these include.

  • The glass quality should be the best. You will need a crystal clear glass that will enable you to see clearly at different ranges and at every magnification.
  • The best tube construction is also ideal for durability.
  • Choose a scope with magnification that will determine the type of long range shooting you’re doing.
  • Also, you need to go for a scope with enough adjustments.
  • Lastly, go for the right reticle.


Long range hunting scopes are very impressive devices to shoot with at Long distances. You will find that shooting at long-distance is fun, exciting, and challenging at the same time. You must know a scope for long range hunting in order to shoot at a long distance is not enough. Learning and understanding some basic long range shooting tips will make the whole process easy. We hope you now understand what a long range scope and how you can use it when shooting at long distances.

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