Night Hunting – A Complete Guide

Hunting very fulfilling and as well very humiliating, the difference lies in your approach towards night hunting.  To help a fellow hunter out, I am compiling this guide on hunting. No one is good at everything, but there is a chance to learn and be like the best.

Night Hunting

This guide is geared towards making you a better night hunter, in regards to bringing down the game and being safe out there. There is one more thing that can land you in big trouble.

The long arm of the law, you have to check to see that you follow hunting rules and regulations in your state.


Understand Rules and Regulations

I wish to start with the rules and regulations. The rules and regulations will be the first thing to stop you from being a good night hunter. They may either give you or deny you the chance to night hunt. There is one species, the hog that most states allow for night hunting. Normally, this is because they consider the hog a non-native and destructive species.

These states include Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Arkansas and the famous Texas.  In case you push the hunting to other states, or countries make sure to familiarize with the existing rules.

In most of the states if not all states, there are restrictions that prevent hunting of game animals at night. In such cases, hunting rules stipulate that you need to have a time tag on any game that you kill during the day.  You also need to inform the relevant authorities that you intend to carry out hunting. Prior information will eliminate any crash with the authorities.

On private property, you need not inform any authorities.  You will have to stick to exotic non-game animals. To be clear, here is a list of such non-game animals. The Coyote, mountain lion, badger, mink, opossum, rabbit, porcupine, armadillo, ground squirrel, skunk, stock-killing wild dogs and feral hogs.

Night Vision Equipment

A shift of gear now to the night vision equipment, night vision equipment enhances your vision in low light. We have a variety of night vision equipment. There are the night vision goggles, night vision monocular, hunting lights, and the night vision binoculars.

The different night vision equipment has different operational principles. Some work best than others. Choose the night vision equipment that will allow you to go about the hunting with ease. The Monocular is a lightweight and compact night vision device. Night vision goggles have no magnification. You can mount them on your head, so you will be good for the whole night without having to fish in your pockets.  With the goggles, you will not be able to mount them on a rifle scope.

Here you can check out the price of night vision equipment:

Night vision binoculars are another type of the night vision equipment. The night vision binoculars have magnification. Magnification seems like a pro but trust me it isn’t. The binoculars make it hard to navigate as it forces you to take in too much of a single image. When it comes to navigation goggles, and monocular beat the binoculars. If your hunting requires no moving, then you can use the binoculars.

For the scopes, we have two types. There is a rifle that comes as a complete set. These rifles contain both the rifle and the scope as a single unit. The other type of scope mounts to the front of a daytime hunting rifle.  Some enjoy the versatility of such a system, but I recommend choosing a scope that commits to night vision.

At the dead of the night to enhance if you can’t lay hands on night vision equipment, you will need to use some light. The light can refer to it as the head light can also mount on your rifle scope. Normally too much light will scare the prey.

So as much as possible avoid using the white light. The red light travels incredibly through the air and illuminates the target without scaring away the prey. There are headlights in the market with the capability to switch between the red, green, and red lights.

Be careful to ensure that even the red light do not meet the coyote, for example, direct in the eyes. You should avoid baby and all baby products. That might just like the white light upset and scare way the coyote.  As much as you want to keep in touch with your team never point the light onto your teammate. You will sell out their cover and yours as well.

There has been an incredible development concerning night hunting. It is so far the coolest innovation. The innovation is one such that to keep your cover at all times, the light comes on momentarily for a few seconds once it detects motion. If you can afford such, why don’t you get one? The automatic lighting will prevent occasions where you sell your cover out of poor judgment.

Now you are not so far away from being a good night hunter. We need one more thing, positioning. Like any other thing in life, hunting requires patient. Find the highest point in the field. That gives you a wide area to scan through.

The direction of the wind is also vital. You need to use all your senses. So as much as your positioning is excellent, you will need to use your sense of hearing. By the time you indulge in hunting, I think you are already familiar with a few of the animals’ sounds. Knowledge of sound will help you in telling out the animal from afar.

There is one mistake that as a beginner night Hunter you are likely to make.  You ought to know that many of the game have incredible night vision. So unlike humans who need aid, the animal will spot you and run for their lives.

So don’t even have the idea that you have the advantage of darkness. Always take cover just as you would do during daylight hunting.

I believe that now you have what it takes to be the night hunter you wish to be. As much as it is fun Night Hunting, it could be risky. So always keep gadgets for your safety and use proper hunting weapons while hunting. With the help of my guide, you will come out of the dark satisfied and safe. Follow the guide for victory and staying safe. By safe I mean from wild animals and also the law.

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