Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone 22 Rimfire Reticle Riflescope Review

If shooting is not thrilling to you, then I can comfortably tell you that you have not met the Bushnell AR Optics drop zone 22 rimfire, a great choice for rimfire rifles.Not only has it been a modified feature but also is from a manufacturer that is best known for their reputation in quality high precision rifles. I can guarantee you every rifle user out there either using it fun or in the line of duty, has a Bushnell AR 22 scope or if not, is saving to purchase one.

Bushnell AR 22

The reputation the company has is so good that they are second to none in the line of range hitting. But I’m not here to talk about the manufacturer; it’s all about this product here, the Bushnell AR Optics drop zone 22 rimfire scope.

Quite honestly I’ve seen nothing as reliable and accurate as this in my years of hunting. Even while I was in Afghanistan, I used good scopes, but this my friend, is from another level, let me go through a few specs or features for you so you can understand this better.

Bushnell AR Optics Dropzone 22 Rimfire Reticle Riflescope

Razor Sharp Clarity

This is the most important part of the scope. It is impressive. The clarity is very sharp and crisp, such that inexperienced individuals can notice the clarity in its focus. This Bushnell AR 22 scope offer the best kinds of magnification or clarity on the best kind of sporting optic.

This makes the scope the best kind of tool for spotting animals which are a distance away. Hence this kind of scope will give you the best value for your money since it can be used for these kinds of activities for outdoor men.

Unmatched Light Transmission

An experienced shooter will tell you how really important light transmission is when making crosshairs when shooting. Many shooters have shared stories on how they have failed to shoot their targets because of the light transmission.

I feel their pain. Today’s advancements of optic clarity and light gathering, there is no excuses as to letting targets walk away. The Bushnell AR Optics drop zone has the latest technological advancement concerning light transmission and matching crosshairs.

Bushnell AR Optics Dropzone 22 Rimfire Reticle Riflescope

Fully Multi-Coated Optics For Incredible Brightness

This Bushnell AR 22 scope have the additional benefit of being coated for increased brightness and image contrast, as well as being fully multi-coated on all glass to air surface.

The fully multi-coated with anti-reflective properties assure the maximum light transmission and deliver bright, crisp images in the widest range of viewing conditions. This feature ensures maximum light transmission and contrast, delivering superb performance even in dull conditions.

Fast-Focus Eyepiece

Sometimes the target is moving, and you have to be fast. For hunting or combat, it would be to get the best possible sight picture as quickly as possible so that you don’t miss a good shot. For target shooting there really wouldn’t be much point. Hence this feature would work where the target is in motion.

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Side-Focus Parallax Adjustment

Parallax refers to the apparent movement of the reticle on the target as the shooter moves his head up and down, side to side. It is crucial in times of focus and adjusting for a further target. This makes targeting easy for shooting.

In our findings this rimfire target scope has the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Maximum accuracy
  • Optical precision
  • Reliability
  • Uncompromised performance
  • Long range 125 yard
  • Rustproof, waterproof and dustproof


  • Scopes erector cap may limit the possibility of use of extra-low or low scope ring

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Q: How large are the Mil dots. Do they block the target view at 150 yards??. Or are they small enough to let you see the target at that yardage?

 A: They are the “standard” mil dot size. Your zoom also affects the size you see as well.

Q: Will this scope fit a Henry AR-7?

A: Scope will fit any rifle; you just need the correct rings for mounting it to your rifle

Q: Will this scope work on targets in the 40-45 yard range?

A: Absolutely

Q: can you use this rimfire scope on a break barrel air rifle?

A: Yes, this scope will fit a break barrel rifle, but you will need to estimate the correct ring height for the action to work, also the bullet drop compensation will need to be calibrated.

Final Verdict

First I would like to acknowledge the fact that this scope has so many features, some of which didn’t make it in this review. It has been modified to professional standards and is the ideal tool for shooting and hunting.

I have used this tool in long range target shooting and have achieved record target levels that I could not achieve before without this scope. The Bushnell AR 22 Optics drop zone 22 rimfire is one of the best tactical rimfire scope in the market and  I confidently recommend this scope to any hunter.

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