The Nerf Zombie Strike Scravenger Review


The nerf zombie strike scravenger is the best gun available to timely and accurately strike a zombie to a fatal drop. They come with the latest blasters, so awesome! Nerf zombie strike survival system is the first of its kind.Can you imagine that the parts of the strike gun are made out of waste- absolutely innovative, making weapons out of garbage! This begins with the base rifle and then tops grip, rail bunch and barrel extensions. 

nerf zombie strike scravenger

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  • This nerf has the important zombie defense kit which is graded for people aged 8 years and above.
  • It also has a lever-action blaster having on and off slam-fire button.
  • The 26 darts have different standards- white orange, green, red, blue, purple, grey, Accustrike, Star wars themed and decorated rebelled darts.
  • The nerf has 2 dart blasters that are hidden in the stock. One resembles a modified a zombie strike sling fire, while the other one resembles a modified N-strike jolt. They are re-shells with upgrades.
  • It also has a tactical light, targeting scope with a clip holder and a barrel extension.

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It’s stubby and turned up design with a lot of refined plastic accents; it looks like they were thrown together. On the top rail and grip, there is a molded tape that ensures a tight grip of the gun. The body of the gun is covered with bolt heads and slotted screws and the lever action reload appears to look like angled pliers.

The orange shade on the gun gives it a nice look.  There is a hole on the top of the blaster that can fit a spare dart offering extra room. Remember , you will require 3AAA batteries that do not come with the package.

Nerf Zombie scravenger survival system

  • It includes the rifle.
  • An orange shoulder stock.
  • An orange and white shooting tube (barrel) extension.
  • A combined scope that is yellow and gray.
  • Clip holder- appears like it is made from plumbing equipment.
  • Orange and yellow tactical torch with a screw driver grip.
  • 2 backup blaster shots.

How to use the gun

  1. Store the other 12 dart clip inside the holder; it is found on the targeting scope.
  2. Lunge the tactical torch to a rail to be used during dim situations.
  3. Attach the stock with 2 hidden blasters to stabilize the shot.
  4. Add a shooting tube extension to customize the gun blaster for far targets; the Nerf scravenger mod. Lastly, press the button on the lever and adjust it frequently so that you can fire 12 darts.

Terms you need to know

Slam fire function- the ability to fire a shot off each time the blaster is primed.

Blaster velocity- the speed at which a dart is fired by the stock scravenger blaster is measured in feet per second. In this case, the dart’s blaster velocity is 68 FPS.

Zombie strike sling fire – This is the mechanism that is used to fire toward Nerf scravenger target. It also has a reloading lever found on the grip that you flip forward and back and make it look like you are twirling it. Furthermore, you can use a selector switch if you need to fire every time you pull the lever backwards unlike pulling the trigger after cocking the gun.

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  • You can fire 12 darts in a row.
  • It comes with an additional blaster stock for backup.
  • The nerf has an amazing look that is very likable.
  • It has amazing features that give an accurate knockdown.
  • It also comes with many darts.


  • It’s too long and big for small users to handle.
  • The bullets may keep on getting stuck.
  • The lever flexes and may hurts your hand

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Final Words

I would say that this will be the perfect gift to get your child if he/ she is aged 8 years and above. However, the fact still remains that the Nerf zombie gun has a long way to go with the features. Especially the ergonomic design; it should feel comfortable on your hand while holding it. Moreover, the elevated features of the gun are more inclined to the shooting mechanism rather than the comfort of the user. If you choose to overlook the weaknesses, the advantages can also work for an older person. You can find it easily on Nerf zombie strike scravenger Amazon or Nerf scravenger Walmart.

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